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Roofing Services & Deposits

Roofing Services & Deposits, residential roofing in Austin, TxOften Roofing Services & Deposits may be requested if the contract is signed, but the specifics vary by contractor. Deposit requirements can also vary by the type of work and the scope of the job that is to be done. Here are some examples of situations that might require a larger deposit or incremental payments.

Roofing Services & Deposits – Considerations

A homeowner wants to replace his roof with a shingle color that must be special ordered and is rarely chosen by the contractor’s customers. The contractor will probably want an initial deposit that is at least sufficient to cover the cost of the materials.
• A large shopping center wants to replace the roofs on every business. The entire project will take more than two months to complete. The contractor may want to receive periodic payments throughout the project as well as an initial deposit.
• A homeowner wants a custom metal roof. The contractor would have great difficulty using the materials on any other job should the homeowner change his mind, so he will probably ask for a substantial deposit prior to ordering the materials.

Contractors often ask for deposits because they must front the costs of the materials used as well as wages to their workers. Typically, the contractor does not realize any profits until the job is completed and the final payment is received.

Before you sign a contract and make a deposit, however, there are some things you should keep in mind.

• Never give a contractor full payment for the job “up front.” Asking for a deposit is an acceptable industry practice, but asking to be paid in full before work even starts is not. It is often — although not always — the mark of an unscrupulous contractor who may be very slow to complete the work or who might not perform the work at all.
• Know the contractor you are dealing with before you make any commitments. Ask for recent references and check them. Verify his rating with the Better Business Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce. Visit online forums to see what former customers have posted about his work. If he has a shady reputation, consider finding another contractor even if his bid was the lowest.
• Do not sign a contract that has blank spaces. Read the contract carefully to make sure that everything you want is included, such as flashings, gutters or roof vents. If you are having your old roof removed, the contract should specify whether the contractor will be responsible for the dumpster rental and haul-off fees.
• The total of all deposits and incremental payments should not exceed 75 percent of the total cost of the job. The laws in your state may set a lower percentage for Roofing Services & Deposits.

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