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Emergency Roof Repair – When Weather Turns Harsh

Emergency Roof Repair - When Weather Turns Harsh, roof repair austin tx Whether your home was built last year or more than a century ago, your roof can be damaged when the weather turns harsh. Pounding hail, high winds, ice storms and heavy rain can leave with a damaged roof that makes your entire home vulnerable. To prevent additional damage, you need immediate intervention in the form of emergency repairs. However, if the storm affected a wide area, you may not be able to secure the help of a professional roofer immediately. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to mitigate the damage while you are waiting for your chosen contractor to work you into his schedule.

Emergency Roof Repair – When Weather Turns Harsh – Let the Storm Pass

Before you venture outdoors to inspect the damage, let the storm pass. Your safety must take priority, so do not go out while a thunderstorm is still raging or hail is still falling. Besides, you need sufficient light to be able to assess the damage.

Protect the Interior

While you are waiting for the storm to break, see if there are things that you can do to stop water from entering your home. For example, you might want to inspect your attic and block any leaks as best you can. Plastic bags, tarps or even duct tape can sometimes stop or slow the entry of water into your attic. If hail has shattered a window, you can cover it with a tarp or rubber sheet.

Inspect Your Roof

After the storm passes and you have sufficient light, you can inspect your roof. Try to avoid walking on the roof until you have assessed the damage; conduct your inspection from a ladder or from the ground with the aid of binoculars. Check for missing shingles, pools of standing water, loose roofing materials and other obvious signs of damage.

Plan a Safe Way to Access Your Roof

If it is necessary to access your roof — and you feel comfortable doing so — take the time to ensure your safety. Make sure that your ladder is resting on solid ground rather than in mud, wear the appropriate shoes and use your safety harness. Plan your route so that you can minimize the distance you must walk while on the roof.

Prevent the Entry of Water

If you found a leak inside your attic or home, try to pinpoint the source of the leak. If there are not yet any leaks, look for areas that appear to pose a risk, including shingles that have blown away, damaged fascia boards, missing flashing and cracked or degranulated shingles. Your goal is to stop water from entering the attic, flowing between the walls or reaching the ceilings in your home. If the hardware store is open, you may need to buy a few supplies. If the store is closed, use whatever you have on hand, including duct tape, sealants, sheets of thick plastic, roofing cement or tarps. Your temporary repairs may be unsightly and short-term, but you need to prevent additional damage and stall for time until the roofer can make permanent repairs.

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