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How to Keep Up With Summer Roof Maintenance | Austin

austin roofing, How to Keep Up With Summer Roof Maintenance, round rock, tx Traditionally, summers have been considered ideal for vacations, recreation, and just taking it easy. Unfortunately, your roof will not get much of a break. It will be exposed to high temperatures, summer thunderstorms, and harsh sunlight. If you want to minimize the chance that your Austin residential roofing could give you an unwanted surprise, you need to get ready for what the summer months may hold in store.

How to Keep Up With Summer Roof Maintenance | Austin

Should I Hire a Roofing Company or Handle Roof Maintenance Myself?

The answer to that question depends on factors that only you can know. There are specific tasks you can handle, but only if you are comfortable using a ladder or have the equipment and training to walk on your roof safely. Hiring a reputable roof contractor can help you protect both you and your roof.

What Is an Example of a Maintenance Task That a Homeowner Might Perform?

One common task that many homeowners perform themselves is to clean the gutters. When gutters become clogged with pine needles, dead leaves, or other debris, water cannot flow from your roof to your downspouts. Instead, the runoff can back up under the edges of your roof, potentially rotting the decking and allowing water to leak inside your home. While you are ensuring that your gutters and downspouts are clean, check for loose or damaged gutters.

What Is an Example of a Maintenance Task That a Homeowner Might Want a Roof Contractor to Perform?

Generally, any task that requires walking on your roof should preferably be left to a reputable professional. Find a dependable, trustworthy contractor who offers inspections as one of his roof services. He will look for damaged or missing flashing, accumulated debris in valleys or around your chimney and skylight, mold or mildew growing on your roof, soft spots in the roof deck, exposed nails or fasteners and damaged or missing shingles.

What Are Some Maintenance Tasks That Either a Homeowner or a Roofer Might Possibly Handle?

Damaged soffits and open eaves can entice squirrels and other pests to build nests in your roofing system. Broken fascia boards could allow pests to move into your attic. Your contractor could locate and seal these gaps, but you could handle the task yourself if you are comfortable doing so.

Another task that you, your contractor, or an arborist could perform is to trim your trees. Small branches that overhang your roof give pests a safe, convenient way to travel from the tree to your home. Large limbs that fall on your roof during a storm could lead you in desperate need of an emergency roof repair.

A third task that you or your contractor could handle is an attic inspection. Things to look for include mildew or mold on items stored in the attic or on the insulation, water stains on the roof deck or attic contents, damp or rotted rafters, broken or missing louvres on gable vents, and sunlight shining through where the walls meet the roof.

Can Alpha Roofing Handle My Roof Maintenance?

Alpha Roofing offers a variety of services that can help you maintain your roof. We can provide free roof inspection, and we provide preventive roofing maintenance plans as well as moss and debris removal. Our other roof services include roof repairs, asphalt shingle replacement, metal roof installation, chimney repair, flashing installation and repair, and skylight installation. We also offer an extensive range of commercial roofing services. We are knowledgeable, experienced professionals serving Austin, Round Rock, and most locations in Central Texas. For a free estimate, call 512-777-1086 or submit our online quote request form.