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Our Commercial Roofing Safety Commitment

Our Commercial Roofing Safety Commitment, austin, txThere is no question that roofing is a dangerous occupation. In 2017, roofing ranked fourth on a list of the most dangerous occupations compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, making it the riskiest of all jobs in the construction industry. Only the fishing, logging, and aviation industries had more dangerous occupations. Unfortunately, although every established commercial roofing company knows the hazards of the job, not all contractors take the necessary steps to keep workers, customers, and passers-by safe. At Alpha Roofing, we take workplace safety very seriously.

Our Commercial Roofing Safety Commitment

Why Does Alpha Roofing Strive to Make Sites Safer?

Every Austin roofer needs experienced, well-trained, productive employees to succeed in what is a highly competitive business. Our dedicated employees are among the best in the industry, so we want to keep them on our payroll for many years to come. If employees believe that an employer has little interest in workplace safety, they are more likely to change employers. However, our commitment to workplace safety runs much deeper than employee turnover. Our employees tend to stay with us for a very long time, and we get to know them, their dreams, and their families. We genuinely care about them, and we want them to have long, healthy, happy lives.

We also care about the safety of everyone who could be impacted by our work. This includes our customers and the occupants of their buildings as well as people who are merely driving or walking by the site. Our emphasis on employee safety has inspired our workers to be vigilant about protecting everyone who is on or near the site.

What Steps Are Taken to Make a Roofing Job Safer?

Workplace safety is a partnership between a roofing contractor and his employees. Everyone plays a role and contributes to the creation of a safe site.

1. Employees are required to wear appropriate attire and safety gear. Employees provide some of their items of clothing, but we provide the safety gear. We also make sure that employees know how to wear or use every piece of safety gear correctly.
2. Every new employee receives extensive safety training before he or she is allowed on a job site. Mandatory safety meetings reinforce training, and these meetings also give managers an opportunity to share news about safety issues in the roofing industry, innovative safety technologies, or changes in OSHA regulations.
3. We assess the job site before starting the work. Every site is unique, so the hazards can vary widely. We identify all risks, determine the safety measures needed to mitigate them and share all of this information with our crew members.
4. At the start of each project or workday, crew supervisors hold on-site safety meetings. These meetings typically focus on the tasks that are scheduled for that specific project on that day. Employees may be reminded of site-specific hazards, warned about recently discovered safety issues, or reminded of the necessary safety precautions.
5. Unlike some roofing companies, we encourage our employees to speak up if they encounter an unsafe condition or witness an hazardous practice. No employee is ever punished in any manner for informing a supervisor or manager of a safety issue.
6. All employees are fully trained on how to complete their assigned tasks correctly and safely. We do not allow unqualified personnel to access a commercial roof.
7. We stay current on all OSHA guidelines and strictly enforce them. We comply completely with OSHA requirements.

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