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What Central Texas Homeowners Expect in the Roofing Process

What Central Texas Homeowners Expect In the Roofing ProcessHomeowners understand the importance of a quality roof. Whether they are looking for a roof replacement or a repair, they expect the contractor to deliver the quality level they want. However, although most homeowners are not experts on the roofing process, they have expectations that go beyond the end results. Furthermore, they are entitled to have all reasonable expectations met. They may have numerous expectations that vary from customer to customer, but there are absolute basics that no reputable roofing contractor will ignore.

What Central Texas Homeowners Expect in the Roofing Process

What Are the Basic Expectations That Homeowners Have During the Roofing Process?

Admittedly, every Austin roofer has encountered at least one customer with unrealistic or unreasonable expectations. For example, metal roofing contractors cannot install a standing seam roof for the price of low-end asphalt shingles. Neither residential nor commercial roofing contractors will attempt to tear off and replace a roof while pouring rain. Reputable contractors will not lie to your insurance company, violate building codes, or falsify an invoice. However, all of the following are valid, reasonable expectations that your contractor should meet.

1. Insurance
2. References
3. Respect
4. Transparency
5. Professionalism

What Insurance Should a Roofer Carry?

Your roofer should carry general liability, vehicle liability, and workers’ compensation insurance. It is helpful if he also has an umbrella policy. Furthermore, he should willingly provide you with proof of his policies to verify that they are valid.

What References Should a Roofer Provide?

Your contractor should be able to provide you with several references that you can contact. These references should be for jobs of a similar nature and scope. For example, if you are having a metal roof installed, he should provide you with references for metal roof installations that he has completed.

How Does a Roofer Demonstrate Respect for a Customer?

He will respect your time, your property, and your intelligence. He will be on time for all appointments, or he will call you if he has been delayed. He will ensure that his crew arrives at the appointed time. He will take the necessary steps to make sure that your landscaping, vehicles, and other items are protected during the job. He will not disrespect your home by tracking mud inside or assuming that he is free to bring his food or beverage inside. He would not try to baffle you with jargon, shrug off your questions or concerns, or tell you that you would not understand a concept even if he explained it to you.

What Is Transparency in the Roofing Process?

Transparency means that the contractor will not attempt to conceal information from you. He will assess your roof; then he will discuss the various options available and explain each choice’s pros and cons. He will provide you with a written quote that breaks down the types and quantities of each material, shows labor costs separately, and defines how you will be charged if hidden damage is uncovered. He will explain any actions you need to take or costs you might incur that are not covered by the quote. The contract he presents will not have any blank spaces and will show a tentative schedule.

How Does a Roofer Demonstrate Professionalism?

Your roofer is not likely to show up in a suit and tie, but his clothing should be clean. His vehicle should also be reasonably clean. He should have a physical address that appears on his business card and documents. If he has a website or emergency contact number, that information should be made available to you. He will treat you with respect and answer your questions thoroughly and patiently. Throughout the process, he will return your calls promptly. He will ensure that his crew members leave the site clean at the end of each day. Upon completing the job, he will meet with you to make sure that you are satisfied with the work.

Alpha Roofing Is Committed to Exceeding Your Expectations

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