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When Is It Time for Chimney Repair or Replacement?

When Is It Time for Chimney Repair or Replacement? roofing round rock txYour chimney plays a critical role in the safe operation of your fireplace. A damaged chimney can fill your home with potentially deadly carbon monoxide, or it can lead to a house fire that could place your entire family in danger. Scheduling regular maintenance by a qualified professional can help you catch and correct chimney problems early. However, many homeowners are not sure how to tell whether they need a chimney replacement or a repair.

When Do You Need a Chimney Replacement?

If you own a relatively modern home, the chances are good that your chimney can be repaired. Replacing a chimney is usually only necessary if the chimney poses a structural liability. For example, if the chimney leans to one side, this is an indication of an unstable base that is unable to support the chimney. A leaning base could collapse without additional warning, so it is a hazard that you should deal with immediately. Call a reputable contractor to conduct a thorough roofing inspection to determine whether your chimney can be repaired or will need to be rebuilt.

What Is a Chimney Crown Repair?

The chimney crown sits atop your chimney. Its function is to prevent debris and water from entering the chimney. Signs that your chimney crown needs to be repaired include peeling wallpaper or bubbling paint on the interior walls near the chimney, rust on the firebox or damper, cracks in the crown itself, spalling bricks, or damaged mortar joints.

What Is a Flue Liner Repair?

The flue liner is the lining inside your chimney. Its main purpose is to expel combustibles and smoke from the fireplace through the flue and into the outside environment. Over time, flue liners can deteriorate or crack. To repair a flue liner virtually always entails replacing it, which can be expensive. Therefore, always make sure that you deal with a reputable, experienced roof company with technicians who are qualified to perform the job.

What Is a Repair to the Chimney Bricks and Mortar Joints?

Repairs to the chimney bricks and mortar joints are standard procedures performed by roofing companies in Central Texas. The mortar is the “glue” holding the bricks together, but it can crack or suffer other types of damage. Removing and replacing the mortar is typically referred to as tuckpointing. Spalled, cracked, or loose bricks may need to be replaced as well. Damage to the bricks or mortar can also indicate the need for other repairs, including a repair to the chimney crown.

Does Alpha Roofing Repair Chimneys?

Whether they need a chimney repair, asphalt shingles installed, or a metal roof Austin homeowners know that they can trust Alpha Roofing for high-quality work at reasonable rates. We also offer skylight installations, emergency roof repairs, flashing repair and installation, moss and debris removal, and commercial roofing services. We serve most parts of Central Texas from our headquarters in Round Rock. If you would like to receive a free quote or schedule a free roofing inspection, fill out the online form or call one of our representatives at 512-777-1086.