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What Points Should a Roofing Warranty Include? | Austin, Texas

What Points Should a Roofing Warranty Include? | Austin, TexasIf you have ever read the warranty on your new car, computer or home appliance, you probably noticed that it is quite lengthy. There are typically clauses that define the differences between a manufacturing defect and misuse, list the maintenance procedures by which you must abide, and several other legal statements that cover your rights or give the manufacturer the right to refuse to honor the warranty. There is virtually no difference between these types of warranties and the warranties that roof contractors provide their customers. Although your roofing warranty may be long and contain a few unfamiliar terms, it is crucial that you understand what is and is not covered to help you compare bids or facilitate the claims process if the need ever arises.

What Does a Manufacturer’s Warranty on Roofing Products Cover?

Warranties vary by manufacturer and by product. Therefore, it is essential to review the warranty for the specific product you have chosen. Although there can be variations, most manufacturer’s shingle warranties will cover the following.

• The cost of the new shingles to replace those that were defective is almost always included. However, many warranties are prorated, which essentially means that the shingles are covered at their depreciated value.
• The warranty will typically cover the cost of labor to install the new shingles for a limited number of years. After that time has expired, you will probably have to bear the cost of having the replacement shingles installed. Furthermore, regardless of the age of the shingles, the manufacturer’s warranty will seldom cover the cost of removing the defective shingles and disposing of them.
• Instructions on how to file a claim for defective roofing products should be included in the warranty. As part of the claims process, you may need to agree to a roof inspection by a representative of the company that manufactured your roofing materials, but the manufacturer will often delegate the inspection to a credible roofer in your area.
• The warranty should state the length of time for which your roofing has full coverage as well as information on the way that the products will be prorated in subsequent years.
• The manufacturer’s warranty should state ordinary expenses that will not be covered under its terms. For example, some warranties will not reimburse you for the cost of an emergency roof repair resulting from a defective product. Others may not cover the cost of an underlayment unless the underlayment is also found to be faulty.
• Some warranties can be transferred to the new owner if you sell your home. However, other warranties may only be valid if the property is still owned by the person who owned the home when the roof was installed.
• Warranties also contain a list of circumstances that could allow the manufacturer to refuse to pay a claim. For example, some shingles require a specific nailing pattern or type of nail, and others ban the use of staple guns to affix the shingles. Some manufacturers have particular products that cannot be installed over existing shingles. Insufficient attic ventilation or the installation of shingles during weather that is beyond the recommended scope can sometimes result in the manufacturer denying the claim.

As you can see, a manufacturer’s roofing warranty typically provides limited protection. Therefore, many roof contractors offer a supplemental guarantee. A reputable roof company will usually offer a warranty that covers the following points.

• The roofing contractor guarantees that your materials have been or will be installed in full compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements.
• If necessary, the roofer will cover the costs of tearing off the old shingles and installing the new ones.
• The roofing company should cover the disposal costs of the old shingles.

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