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Roof Warranty Options

Roof Warranty Options, Roofing, Austin TX A new roof represents a significant investment, so it is desirable to have some protection in case issues develop. There are types of Roof Warranty Options that can come into play — the manufacturer’s warranty and the contractor’s guarantee.

The length of the manufacturer’s warranty depends on the manufacturer and the type of roofing system you purchase. Asphalt shingles may have a 20-year warranty or a “lifetime” warranty, but 30-year warranties have become increasingly common. A metal roofing system may have a warranty of 40 or 50 years although some also have lifetime warranties or cover the paint for a shorter time.

Manufacturer’s warranties cover defects in the product. Depending on the warranty, it may not cover the labor involved to replace the roof. It may also be prorated after the first three to five years. Some warranties base the replacement cost on the current price of the materials, but others base the cost on the price in effect when you had the roof installed.

You will need to read the warranty carefully to determine precisely what it covers. Be aware that there are usually conditions that can void your warranty. For example, there are some styles of shingles that cannot be installed over an existing roof without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. A warranty may not transfer to the new owner if you sell the property. It is also critical that your contractor install your new roof according to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the warranty is not invalidated.

To summarize these points:

• If you are considering more than one type of roofing system, compare the different warranties even if all types are made by the same company.
• If you are planning to sell your property in the near future, look for a warranty that will transfer to the new owner.
• Make sure that you hire a reputable contractor who will install your roof properly to ensure that you receive the full benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty.
• If possible, choose a warranty that will cover the labor costs involved to install a new roof in the event of material failure.

Contractor’s Warranty

Roof warranty options are usually stated as a guarantee of workmanship. Not all roofing contractors offer the same type of guarantee, but those that do typically offer a warranty of one to five years; most often, a roof will fail quickly if the materials were defective or the installation was improper.

That said, the specifics of a contractor’s warranty are less important than his willingness and ability to stand behind his work. Therefore, you should make sure that you are dealing with a reputable contractor.

• Choose a contractor with a solid reputation. Ask for references from clients for whom he has recently worked. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see whether he addressed any complaints promptly and fairly. Ask friends or neighbors if they can refer a contractor.
• Select a roofer contractor with an established business in your area. This is especially important if your town has recently suffered a major wind or hail storm that damaged a number of roofs. “Storm chasers” often descend on such areas from out of state, and some of them do not even have a permanent office in their home state. If you need them, you might have difficulty tracking them down — and perhaps even more difficulty getting them to stand behind their guarantee.
• Read the guarantee carefully. For example, some roof contractors only guarantee their work if you do not allow anyone else to work on your roof after it is installed.

Keep in mind that there are some things that neither the manufacturer’s warranty nor the contractor’s guarantee will cover. Specifics vary, but the following are the most typical exclusions.

• If your roof is damaged by hail, you will not be covered by either warranty.
• If your negligence causes the damage, you might not be covered. For example, if you fail to trim a low-hanging branch and it scrapes the granules off your asphalt shingles, you are not likely to be covered.
• If your warranty requires that you have periodic maintenance performed, you might not be covered if you neglect the mandatory maintenance and damages result.

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