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Commercial Roofing | Why Gutter Maintenance Is Essential

Commercial Roofing | Why Gutter Maintenance Is Essential, Austin, TXAs a commercial building owner or manager, your responsibilities are increased by the considerations that must be addressed due to having employees, equipment, products, or tenants within your building. Protecting your building and the people and items within it are some of your top priorities. Periodic maintenance of your building is essential to ensure the safety and integrity of its operation. The roof of your building is the first defense against adverse weather conditions and other external threats. The gutters on your commercial roof play an important part in prolonging your roof’s life, securing the overall successful operation of your business and preventing costly repairs to the structure.

Are All Commercial Gutters the Same?

Your commercial roofing Austin contractor will know the many options for materials used in the construction and installation of a complete gutter system for Texas roofing. For commercial buildings, the best gutters are typically constructed from one of several suitable metals or a combination of metals. Regardless of the metal chosen, the gutter and all its components must adequately control the flow of water off your roof and away from your building. Therefore, it is vital to maintain your commercial gutters properly.

Why the Maintenance of the Gutters on a Commercial Roof Important?

Gutters that do not perform as intended can leave your roof, building interior and exterior, and the area surrounding your building at risk for potential damage that could result in costly repairs. Having a proactive preventive maintenance program in place and strictly adhered to can alleviate or even eliminate problems that may occur during the life of your gutter system.

What Is the Proper Gutter Maintenance for Commercial Roofing?

All types of Texas roofing can benefit from a preventive maintenance plan administered by a professional, experienced roofing company. Commercial roofs are no exception. In fact, due to the potential for collateral damage, many commercial properties can reap higher rewards than homeowners by having preventive roofing services that include gutter maintenance performed regularly. If you or one of your employees know how to walk on your roof without inflicting more damage, you can perform some tasks yourself.

• Keep the gutters clean and clear. Remove all debris from your gutters as part of a routine roofing maintenance procedure and immediately after adverse weather conditions. Dirt, leaves, twigs, and trash can block the flow of water through the gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters can allow water to remain on the roof’s surface and can potentially lead to damage to your roof, its underlying structure, and your gutters.
• Look for signs that your gutters have allowed water to pool in the past. After a storm, the water should leave your roof within 24 hours or so. If your gutters are having trouble handling the water, there may be signs left behind. Look for dirty rings or arcs near your gutters that can indicate areas where the water backed up onto your roof and remained for more than a few hours.
• Examine the gutter components if you can access them safely. Check the gutter joints for proper connection. If separation is noted, secure the connection with the appropriate fasteners and sealant. Make sure the proper angle of the gutter is maintained to disperse the water collected within the gutter adequately. Replace any damaged components of the system or contact your roofing contractor for an immediate repair.

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