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Austin Residential Metal Roofing Trends

Austin Residential Metal Roofing Trends, metal roofing Once used primarily on rural homes and outbuildings, residential metal roofing systems have become increasingly popular for urban and suburban homes. Life expectancies for metal roofs can exceed 50 years, and they are available in an extensive range of styles and colors. They can also reduce the energy costs of heating and cooling a home.

Austin Residential Metal Roofing Trends

What Is Currently Trending for Metal Roofing in Austin?

Standing seam metal roofing systems have always been one of the most popular choices for Austin residences, but they are becoming increasingly popular. In the coming years, a typical Austin roofer will also encounter more requests for products that mimic the appearance of other roofing materials. Custom metal roofing is growing in popularity, including custom colors.

What Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Standing seam metal roofing differs from other styles in the way that panels are joined at the seams. The seams rise vertically above the panels, creating a tight seal that runs from rooftop to the eaves. This creates a three-dimensional look that can enhance architectural interest.

What Styles of Roofing Can Metal Imitate in Appearance?

There are several metal roofing products available that mimic the look of other materials without the necessity of ordering a custom product. Most metal roofing manufacturers offer products that are designed to imitate the appearance of wood shakes, clay tile, and even asphalt shingles. In the Austin area, the clay tile and wood shake styles are growing in popularity.

What Is Trending in Austin for Custom Metal Roofing?

Custom metal roofs allow every homeowner the opportunity to create a unique roof that suits the home’s architectural style. Even metal panels can be cut and installed to create a one-of-a-kind design. You can have a metal roof that features scallops, squares, rectangles, circles, or custom shapes. You can also order metal roofing in a custom color to match or contrast with your trim or cladding. Any metal roof contractor Austin TX homeowners might call will probably see even more demand for custom shapes as well as combinations of scallops and rectangles. More homeowners are seeking custom colors, especially in shades of brown and gray.

Whom Should I Call for More Information About Metal Roofing?

Whether you are interested in a standing seam roof or another type of metal roofing system, you can trust the professionals at Alpha Roofing. In addition to installing metal roofing systems, we also offer metal roofing repairs, asphalt shingle installation, metal fabrication, emergency roof repairs, chimney repair, flashing installation and repair, moss and debris removal, and skylight installation. We also offer commercial roofing services. We built and maintain our exemplary reputation by delivering exceptional work and attentive customer service on every job. If you would like a free quote, call our Round Rock office at 512-777-1086 or complete the online form.