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Rooftop Safety 101: Is It Safe to Climb on My Roof?

Rooftop Safefy 101 - Is it Safe to Climb on my Roof? austin roofing services,In the United States, approximately 50 roofers die each year from injuries sustained in a fall. Some fall from the roof, others fall through the roof, and still others fall from a ladder while attempting to get on or off the roof. Furthermore, thousands of roofers suffer nonfatal injuries that range from minor sprains to severe injuries that permanently impact their lives and the lives of their families. Keep in mind that these statistics apply to professional roofers who spend almost all of their workdays on rooftops. If you wonder whether it is safe for you to climb on your roof, the short answer is that it is not. Rooftop safety requires the right equipment, adequate training, the correct footwear, and the ability to retain your spatial orientation at all times. Learning more about the steps that a licensed roofing company will take to ensure their employees’ safety may help you understand why homeowners are advised to leave their roofing tasks to the professionals.

How Does a Licensed Roofing Company Begin Training Employees on Workplace Safety?

The best roofing companies begin safety training before an employee ever sets foot on a roof. They teach employees how to use their safety equipment properly and emphasize its importance. They stress the need for all employees to maintain constant awareness of their surroundings. They teach employees how to place a ladder correctly and use it safely when carrying bundles of shingles or tools up or down the ladder. They specify the types of footwear, clothing, and protective gear that are required. The training is not just for workers who will be accessing the roof. For example, helpers on the ground will be warned to keep an eye out for falling debris on jobs involving replacement roofs.

How Does a Roofing Contractor Conduct Ongoing Safety Training?

Typically, roofing contractors hold weekly meetings to review safety procedures with all their crew members. This is usually supplemented by crew meetings for the employees assigned to a job so that they can be warned of any special conditions they might encounter on the specific job. For example, a long-neglected roof leak might have damaged the decking so severely that a worker could fall through. Even if the job supervisor has marked the area, workers still need to know that the hazard exists.

What Other Steps Will a Roof Replacement Austin Contractor Take to Ensure Workplace Safety?

Whether replacing an entire roof or repairing a minor roof leak, no roofing contractor who cares about his employees’ safety will put them on a rooftop in inclement weather. Even a little rain can make a roof much more slippery, and even a thin layer of ice can make it impossible to walk on a roof. The contractor will not expect employees to work on a roof during a thunderstorm or hailstorm. The contractor will also ensure that all tools and equipment that his employees must use are working correctly and have not had any safety features altered or removed. When delivering Austin roofing services during the summer, the contractor will also make sure that employees do not become dehydrated and take occasional breaks in the shade.

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