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Roofing Shortcuts That a Roofer Should Never Take

Roofing Shortcuts That a Roofer Should Never Take, austin tx roofingSometimes, it is fine to take shortcuts. If you know a shorter route to your job, for example, you may choose it. However, if the shorter route means a longer commute due to traffic jams caused by road construction, your shortcut could be a bad choice. It could also be the wrong choice if the route forces you to drive over potholes that leave you with a punctured tire or a damaged suspension system. One time to avoid risky shortcuts is when you need a new roof. Your roof is too important to the integrity of your home, and several shortcuts could compromise your roof’s life. However, when they need a roof replacement, Austin homeowners often do not know how to recognize shortcuts that could affect the quality of their new roofs.

Roofing Shortcuts That a Roofer Should Never Take

What Might Indicate That a Roofing Contractor Is Taking an Unacceptable Shortcut?

Although several shortcuts are perfectly acceptable for roofing contractors to take, there are four that should raise a red flag. If your roofing contractor insists on installing new asphalt shingles over your existing roof, staples shingles instead of nailing them, insists on recycling your existing flashing, or tells you that there is no need for an underlayment, you might want to find another roofer.

What Is Wrong With Shingling Over an Existing Roof?

First of all, this could potentially violate building codes. As a rule, regardless of the materials used, a roof cannot have more than two roofing layers. If your roof already has two layers of shingles, a third layer could be a code violation, and you could potentially be forced to remove your new roof and the other layers. This could also be dangerous if your structure cannot support the additional weight. Also, unless the old shingles are removed, neither you nor your roofer can be confident that the decking does not have any rot or cracks. One other problem is that your old shingles’ contours will probably show through on your new ones, especially if they are a different style or size.

Why Should a Roofer Use Nails Instead of Staples?

The first reason is that it will likely void the manufacturer’s warranty. If your new shingles have a manufacturing defect, you may not be able to get them replaced. Manufacturers specify how their shingles are installed, and their specifications typically require roofing nails of a specific size placed in specific locations. The second reason is that staples do not penetrate far enough into the decking material to be truly secure. A wind that might cause no damage to shingles fastened with nails could remove large areas of shingles that were installed with staples.

What Is Wrong With Recycling Flashing When Installing New Asphalt Shingles?

Flashing plays a critical role in preventing leaks around vents, chimneys, and other roof penetrations. Competent roofing contractors make sure that flashings are well-secured and sealed. If the contractor installing your existing flashing was conscientious, removing it is likely to crack, bend, or tear it. Putting damaged flashing on a new roof is a bit like replacing the transmission in a new car with one from a car that has been driven 250,000 miles. New flashing is a small part of your roof’s total cost, so it is best to be safe rather than sorry.

Is an Underlayment Always Required?

Some parts of the Atacama Desert in Peru average less than a millimeter of rain annually, so you could probably skip the underlayment if your home is located there. If you live anywhere else, your contractor should install underlayment before installing your shingles. Underlayment forms a barrier against the moisture that can rot your decking or allow colonies of mold to develop.

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