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Austin Roof Repair – Where Is the Leak?

Austin Roof Repair - Where Is the Leak? roofing contractor austin txDamage to a roof can happen at any time, and even a new roof can develop leaks. You may already have issues with your roof that will allow a leak to appear the next time it rains. The older your roof is, the more attention you should be paying to it. Roof materials can become damaged by high winds and storms. The sun and changing seasons cause shingles to curl and deteriorate. Older shingles lose their elasticity and can break easily. Missing and broken shingles destroy the waterproof quality of your roof. Flashing can rust, crack, or even become dislodged over time due to constant exposure to the elements. Roof repair contractors recommend periodic roof inspections; catching an issue before it reaches the inside of your home can eliminate many problems and be less costly in the long run. A professional inspection may also be the only way that you can pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

Austin Roof Repair – Where Is the Leak?

Why Do I Have Water Stains on My Ceiling?

A leaking roof may not cause water stains on your ceiling or wall, so you should eliminate other possibilities. Air conditioning lines can condensate if not adequately insulated. Plumbing pipes that deliver hot and cold water to your kitchen and bathroom could have developed a leak. Condensation could be forming in your attic if it is not adequately insulated or vented.

Water stains that appear during or immediately after rain are more likely to be caused by a roof leak. However, a small roof leak may travel slowly from its source and may not appear as a stain on your ceiling or wall for several days after it has rained.

How Do I Find a Roof Leak?

A roof leak should be considered an emergency roof repair. The longer the leak goes unrepaired, the worse it will become. Damage to the roof will progress with every rainfall and may even continue between rainfalls. The interior of your home can be severely damaged, and mold and mildew may also develop.

Examine your roof during daylight for any apparent signs of damage, especially after a storm. Use a pair of binoculars, but avoid getting on the roof. Insured and licensed roofing companies will often offer free inspections to locate issues that require accessing the roof.

Check the attic for roof leaks that are difficult to determine from outside your home. Look for active water drips. If water is not presently dripping, there may still be stains. Follow the path of the water until you find the source of the leak. The source will not likely be directly over any ceiling stain within the interior of the home.

Contact a professional roofing contractor to make any needed repairs. Roofs are multilayered systems that require specific knowledge and experience to repair correctly. Attempting to repair your roof could void your roof’s warranty or lead to additional damage.

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