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Does Your Roof Need Repairs? | Austin, TX

Does Your Roof Need Repairs? | Austin, TX, roof repair austin, tx As soon as installation is complete, residential roofing begins to deteriorate. The aging process may not be noticeable for several years, leading many people to believe that all deterioration occurs late in the roof’s life. However, it is more likely that the aging process was gradual during the early years and accelerated as time passed. Regardless of which materials are used in its construction, you will need to maintain your roof properly throughout its life if you want it to protect the structure below it and all that the composition contains. Periodically assessing the condition of your roof can save you the potentially exhausting inconvenience and devastating expenses that some serious roofing conditions may cause.

Unfortunately, the most obvious sign that you need an emergency roof repair is water dripping from an interior ceiling or wall. Water stains on walls or ceilings also indicate that you need an immediate roof repair. You can typically avoid emergency repairs and damage to the interior structure by performing a thorough visual inspection seasonally and after any severe weather event.

Walk around the structure and look carefully for any problems with any roofing material that is visible. A pair of binoculars will give you a better view. If you are comfortable with the idea, you can look at the roof from a ladder. However, you should never walk on your roof; this is better left to a professional roofing company with employees who have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to do the job safely and without doing any additional damage to the roof. During your visual examination, look for missing, loose or damaged shingles, shakes or panels. If you have asphalt shingles, look for shingles that have lost their granules. You should also check for excessive granules in your gutters and around your foundation and downspouts.

Go into the attic and look for any signs of damage to the underside of the roof structure. Look for signs of moisture on the decking, rafters, insulation, and items stored in the attic. Check to make sure that sunlight is not entering the attic through the roof, at the eaves or around the fascia boards.

Catching a damaged roof early can save you from the inconvenience and expense of repairs to the drywall, flooring, and paneling inside your home. Timely action can also help prevent costly repairs to wall studs and insulation, electrical components, floor trusses, exterior siding, and other structural elements.

What Are Some Ways to Prolong a Roof’s Life?

Keeping a close eye on your roof can help you avoid many problems or minimize their severity. As a roof age, it will likely develop problems more often and will eventually need major work or total replacement. Some contractors offer preventive maintenance plans for residential roofing. These plans typically provide two inspections per year as well as limited repairs; they may also include the removal of tree limbs that are scraping against or overhanging the roof.

Any roof repair should be done by a reputable roof company with the knowledge and experience to perform the work correctly. Choose your roofing contractor carefully. Take the time to check references, ask for detailed estimates, never sign a contract containing blank spaces and always get everything in writing.

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