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Looking for Environmentally Friendly Roof Material in Austin?

Looking for Environmentally Friendly Roof Material in Austin?Many people in the Austin area are striving to lower their impact on the environment. They may recycle plastics and paper, install smart thermostats to control their heating and cooling systems, walk or ride their bikes instead of driving short distances, or purchase appliances that consume less water or energy. However, not everyone is aware that many Austin residential roofing contractors can install roofs that can help protect the environment.

What Are Some Popular Environmentally Friendly Options an Austin Roofer Might Offer?

Over the years, many types of eco-friendly roofs have been developed. However, not all of them are suitable for the hail, rain, heat, and humidity to which Austin residential roofing is frequently subjected. Other types are far too expensive or too heavy to be installed without substantial modifications to ensure proper support. Fortunately, Austin homeowners have several good options for eco-friendly roofing.

1. Metal roofs become more popular every year. They are available in an extensive range of colors and numerous styles. Metal panels and shingles can last many decades, so you may never need another roof replacement. Metal roofs can resist impacts that would inflict major damage on other types of roofs, and they can also withstand lightning strikes. Currently, up to 95% of the material in a metal roof is recycled, and metal roofs are completely recyclable when they finally need to be replaced. A metal roof also does an excellent job of reflecting heat, lowering the cost of cooling your home, and helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the plant generating the energy. Furthermore, metal roofs can typically be installed over existing shingles, keeping the old shingles out of the landfill and enhancing the home’s insulation. Since metal roofs require special skills to install them correctly, make sure that you hire an Austin roofer with the equipment and training to install the type of metal roof you want.
2. Cool roofs are ideal for homes in Central Texas, particularly if the house has only one story. A mixture of white gravel and white glue is used to coat the surface of the roof. The coating can be applied to an existing roof or when a new roof is installed. Studies have shown that a cool roof can lower the consumption of energy for cooling a home by 30% or more if the attic insulation is sufficient.
3. Horticultural roofs are also known as living roofs, green roofs, or plant roofs. After installing several inches of a sealed material, up to 24 inches of soil is placed on the roof. These roofs can support a vegetable garden, hedges, and shrubs, a rooftop lawn, or a flower garden. However, before choosing this option, you should consult a licensed roof contractor to assess whether your home has the structural integrity to support a horticultural roof.

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