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Cool Roof Shingles

Cool Roof Shingles, Austin roofing contractors, roofing Austin A cool roof is a system containing one or more components that will reflect sunlight better than a traditional roof. A cool roof absorbs less heat, which means that less heat will be transferred to the building’s attic and/or interior. Cool roofs can reduce energy costs by decreasing the need for air conditioning. They can also make areas such as covered patios and garages more comfortable. Since they also reduce the temperature of the roof itself, the life of the Cool Roof Shingles system may be extended. There are a number of ways to make a roof cool.

Several manufacturers of asphalt shingles produce cool shingles for residential roofing. These shingles are made with granules that are specially coated to reflect sunlight better than traditional shingles. The color of the shingles can also make a difference; white or light-colored shingles will make a roof cooler than dark-colored shingles.

Radiant Barriers

Technically, radiant barriers are not part of the cool roof strategy, but they can help keep the interior cooler and reduce energy costs. Radiant barriers are placed between the attic insulation and the roofing material to deflect any heat that penetrates to the attic. Since installing cool shingles requires replacing existing the existing roof covering, radiant barriers can be an acceptable method if the roof still has many years of life left.

Cool Roof Shingles Coating

Cool roof coatings contain special pigments that have reflective properties. These coatings are similar to thick paints and are applied to existing roofing materials. Some coatings have restorative properties or offer additional protection against water penetration. However, cool coatings are not available for every type of roofing.

Finishes for Metal Roofs

The type and color of the finish on a metal roof can increase or decrease the reflection of sunlight and absorption of heat. There are reflective coatings that can be applied to a metal roof to make it cooler.

Deciding on Cool Roof Shingle System

The decision on whether to install a cool roof depends on factors that are unique to every property owner. If the roof is nearing the end of its life or the building is under construction, the decision is typically much easier; there is no agonizing over whether the costs of replacing a perfectly good roof are justified. Here are some points to keep in mind when you are trying to decide whether to install a cool roof.

• The cost of a cool roof is not necessarily more than the cost of a traditional roof.
• In the Austin and Central Texas area, most of your energy savings will be derived from your use of the air conditioning rather than the heat.
• In addition to saving on your energy bill, you may be eligible for certain incentives or rebates that reduce your cost to install a cool roof.
• You may be able to downsize your HVAC equipment or obtain a longer life from your existing HVAC system.
• Cool roofs are environmentally friendly. They reduce the “heat island effect” that is common in urban areas and reduce emissions from power plants through decreased demand. Cool roofs can also help prevent power interruptions or outages that occur during peak-use times.

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