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Residential Roofing – Never Ignore Water Stains

Residential Roofing - Never Ignore Water StainsIf you are like most homeowners, one of the last things you ever want to see is a water stain on your ceiling. You are probably aware that most of these stains are the result of a leaky roof, but if you are pressed for time or money, you may think it is best to wait before you call a roofer. You may hope that the leak will resolve itself, or you may think that delaying will not hurt because the damage has already been done. Unfortunately, the leak is not going away; instead, it will likely worsen. Furthermore, you are risking far more damage to your home than just an unsightly stain.

Residential Roofing — Never Ignore Water Stains on Your Ceiling

How Can a Water Stain on the Ceiling Become a Costly Repair?

If you see a ceiling stain that is brownish in color and roughly round in shape, you can bet that it is a water stain. Water is a liquid that follows the laws of gravity, so it will continue its downward path. Everything underneath the stain, including your carpeting, furniture, drapes and electronics, can be damaged by the dripping water. The water may flow into the wall voids, rotting the studs and destroying your insulation. In the attic, the water can rot the rafters and roof trusses, damage items stored in the space, or ruin your insulation. Wherever the moisture collects, mold and mildew can grow, and hidden colonies can get out of control in a relatively short time. Roof repair contractors often see homes that will require thousands of dollars in repairs and renovations that could have been avoided if the homeowner had called for a timely repair that would have cost less than $200 or so.

Can Homeowners Resolve a Water Stain Themselves?

Finding the source of a roof leak can be tricky. Sometimes, the stain on your ceiling is far from the location where the water leaked through your roof; the water could have moved horizontally before it moved vertically. However, there is one common source of water stains that you might be able to resolve without calling a professional for roofing services. Many homeowners do not realize that clogged gutters can force water under the edge of the roof’s decking, and this can allow the water to penetrate to the home’s interior as well as drip into the wall void. Therefore, you might want to make sure that your gutters and downspouts are not clogged before you call for an emergency roof repair. You can use a garden hose to flush the gutters to verify that water is moving freely through them and the downspouts.

If the gutters are not the problem, you may need to call a reputable roof contractor to locate the source of the leak and make any necessary roofing repairs. Your flashing could be damaged or missing, you could have an issue with your chimney, a shingle could be missing, or a roof vent could be damaged. There are many possible sources, so it is best to let an experienced roofer conduct an inspection.

The most important thing that a homeowner can do is to face the problem and deal with it quickly. Pretending that there is no water stain on the ceiling or waiting to see if it disappears on its own can put your finances at even greater risk.

Can Alpha Roofing Help?

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