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Multifamily & Commercial Roofing | Austin, TX

Multifamily & Commercial Roofing | Austin, TX, roofing contractors austin txWhether you manage a multifamily property, a homeowners association, a hotel or another type of commercial property, you know the importance of keeping your tenants and guests happy. When you need roofing services or siding installation, you want to minimize the inconvenience and disruption as much as possible. At Alpha Roofing, we understand the challenges you face, and we know that not every contractor can meet those challenges. However, we have the experience, equipment, staffing and skills to provide you with work that will exceed your expectations.

Multifamily & Commercial Roofing | Austin, TX | What Property Types Will Alpha Accept as Customers?

At Alpha, there is virtually no type of property that we cannot accept. Over the years, we have offered our services to numerous HOA and subdivision boards, apartments, condominiums, hotels and motels, assisted living complexes, office parks, banks, schools and government agencies. We can replace or repair flat roofs, install roofing shingles and metal roofing systems. We also install gutters, emergency roof repair, and wood siding.

Why Is Alpha the Right Choice for Multifamily and Commercial Properties?

Alpha’s experience, knowledge, skill and professionalism give us the advantage when it comes to providing multifamily and commercial properties with the results they need.

• We can tailor the work to meet the expectations of your residents. We know that home owners association managers, tenants of apartments, owners of condominiums, hotel managers and residents of retirement communities do not always have the same expectations. Some are less willing to tolerate work that causes them any inconvenience than others, but some are willing to embrace disruption if there is the promise of increased property value, enhanced curb appeal or resolutions to ongoing problems.
• We offer professional project management. You will always know who is responsible for overseeing the work. Our project managers know how to schedule a large project so that all work is completed according to the time frame, specifications and budget.
• We keep your team informed throughout the project. We work closely with your architect, site manager, headquarters, HOA manager, condo board or anyone else you consider an integral part of the process.
• We are a financially stable company. This allows us to obtain the materials and resources needed for your project whenever we need them. The financial stability of a contractor can play a role in the on-time completion of a project. When a company is experiencing financial issues, vendors may refuse to deliver materials unless they receive an advance payment. With Alpha, you never need to worry that your project will be delayed because we lack the wherewithal to purchase materials or pay our employees.
• We can handle multiple aspects of your project and have the experience, training and skills to do so. For example, we have experienced crews who can install siding, including James Hardie products. We have experienced crews who can install a modified bitumen or other type of flat roof. We have our own metal fabrication shop to create custom trim or roof accessories. We have crews who focus on repairing and replacing asphalt shingles and others who concentrate on metal roofing systems. If you need gutters or skylights installed, we can handle those tasks as well.
• We hire our crew members after an extensive screening process. When you hire us to do the work, we do the work — not some subcontractor. Furthermore, all of our employees are covered by our workers’ compensation insurance.
• Our rating with the Better Business Bureau is A+. We can provide you with a list of references and job sites so that you can verify our reputation for yourself.
• If the work needed is covered by your insurance, we can help you navigate the complex maze of agents, inspectors and claims adjusters. We have been honored with awards for our ability to recognize hail and wind damage, and approximately 25 percent of our roofs are inspected by independent representatives of insurance companies or municipalities.

Whether you are responsible for the tenants of condominiums or apartments, manage a government property or are a member of your HOA board, you can trust our Austin Alpha Roofing contractor to deliver exceptional work at competitive prices. We are a roofing contractor based in the Austin, Tx area and we serve Central Texas.  If you would like to discuss your project or request a quote, you can use the online request form to send us your information or call our office at (512) 777-1086.