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Wood Siding & Life Expectancy

Wood Siding & Life Expectancy, residential roofing Austin TxWood siding has been a perennial favorite for centuries. It is beautiful, offers homeowners the ability to choose the precise color they want and is available in a wide range of styles that can be mixed to create a truly unique exterior. Since wood siding is also one of the most expensive options, Wood Siding & Life Expectancy questions are often asked.

Wood Siding & Life Expectancy

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, wood siding that has been properly applied and maintained will weather away approximately 1/8-inch over the course of a century. There are many examples of homes built during the 19th century that still feature at least some of their original wood siding. However, modern homeowners seldom obtain such an extended life from their wood siding. Depending on the type of wood, the normal life is between 20 and 40 years, but meticulously maintained siding can last much longer.

What Affects the Life Expectancy of Wood Siding?

There are many factors that can affect the life of wood siding in Austin. Some factors must be considered at installation, but others involve ensuring proper maintenance throughout the siding’s life.

• The type of wood used to make the siding plays a role in the life expectancy. Certain woods such as cypress, redwood and western cedar are more resistant to rot; pine that has not been pressure-treated is highly susceptible to rot.
• Wood siding needs to be protected from water, so it requires a waterproof coating on its surface. Paint, wood sealer or stain can be used to provide a protective barrier, but none of these are permanent; most wood siding needs to be refinished every five years or so.
• The location of the siding on the house can be a factor. Wood siding that is closer than six inches to the ground or in areas that remain shaded throughout the day is more prone to rot. Walls with a southern exposure may suffer due to premature deterioration of the paint or other waterproofing substances.
• Wood siding should be installed so that there are no horizontal surfaces on the wall that allow water to collect, including ledges or trim pieces. Even a small surface can allow water to find a way to seep between the siding and the trim.
• Caulk at the seams and around exterior doors and windows can help prevent wood rot. Due to the siding’s natural expansion and contraction through the seasons, frequent reapplications of caulking may be necessary to ensure maximum protection.
• One of the keys to extending the life of wood siding is to ensure that it can dry quickly after a rain or other water source. Never place stationary objects against the siding, promptly remove leaves that have piled up against the siding and keep shrubs or other plants trimmed so that they are not in contact with the siding.

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