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Wood Siding vs. Vinyl — You Decide

Wood Siding vs. Vinyl — You Decide, wood siding to vinyl siding, siding installation, wood siding Whether you are planning to sell your home soon or remain in it for many years, you naturally want it to have great curb appeal. Siding can be an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your house or give it a fresh look. If you are considering the installation of siding, you may be wondering whether you should choose vinyl or wood siding. If so, this comparison of wood siding to vinyl siding may help you decide.

Vinyl Siding Can Be Damaged More Easily

A misthrown baseball, windblown debris or even hail can break vinyl siding and leave a hole to mark its spot. Wood siding can withstand impact damage much better than vinyl. Vinyl siding can also warp as it contracts in cold weather and expands in the heat of summer. Once it assumes a wavy or distorted shape, it will normally not return to its original form.

Changing the Color of Vinyl Siding Is Extremely Difficult

Despite what some paint manufacturers claim, vinyl siding is extremely difficult to paint. The color of vinyl siding typically fades over time, and since your home does not receive identical exposure to the sun and other elements, you may find that the fading varies significantly. You could be faced with completely replacing your siding to alter or refresh the color. Wood siding can easily be repainted whenever you desire a change.

Wood Siding Can Be Less Expensive Over Time

Your initial costs for vinyl siding will be slightly less than they will be for wood siding. However, when you consider the life of each type, wood siding installation can be more economical over the life of your home due to its ability to better withstand impacts and warping.

Vinyl Siding Just Looks Wrong on Some Homes

If you have an older home, the architect likely designed it to have wood siding. The proportions and the contrast of shadows to light were considered in the design, and vinyl siding can alter these significantly. In addition, windows and doors may lose some of their features as it may not be possible to retain alignment or architectural points of visual interest. As a general rule, the older the home is, the worse it will look with vinyl siding.

To Learn More About Your Siding Options

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