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Siding Alarms! | Siding Installation | Austin, TX

Siding Alarms! | Siding Installation |Austin, TXWood siding can be an attractive way to protect your home, add your own creative touches and help reduce your energy bills. However, siding must be installed correctly, and you will need to ensure that your siding gets the maintenance it needs throughout its life. Inspecting your siding on at least an annual basis can help identify the warning signs that there is an issue with your siding that needs to be addressed.

Siding Alarms! | Siding Installation | Austin, TX

Surface Issues

Problems showing on the surface of your siding can indicate that there is an underlying, potentially serious issue hidden from view.

• If the paint has peeled, cracked or bubbled, it may indicate that moisture is trapped behind the siding. If the problems with your paint appear more frequently than every five years or so, there could be a deeper issue that may indicate that your siding should be replaced.
• Mildew appears as black or brown spots that expand slowly across the siding’s surface. Mildew is a sign that the siding is receiving far too much exposure to moisture. The excess moisture could be caused by clogged or missing gutters, poorly placed sprinklers or water penetrating beneath the siding.
• Unusual brown spots that look as if dirty water has been dripping down your siding can indicate installation problems near the roof. If the siding is not sealed properly, rainwater can penetrate and lead to staining issues or rot.
• Although mold and algae are more common on vinyl siding, they can appear on other types as well. Mold is typically gray or white; algae may be green, black or brown. Mold and algae tend to appear on surfaces that are shaded or stay damp from contact with shrubs or other items that trap the moisture next to the siding.

Changes in the Siding Itself

If your siding has warped, drooped or twisted, the problem could be an incorrect installation, a manufacturing issue or the type of siding; vinyl siding is more prone to these types of damages. However, if you have fiber cement or wood siding, these types of issues are typically related to the installation. Vinyl siding needs to be installed so that it can move a bit when temperatures fluctuate, but fiber cement and wood siding need to be firmly secured and do not need as much allowance for “creep.”

Other Issues

Although relatively rare, there are other issues that can affect the integrity of your siding as well as the structural components that lie beneath. The following signs can indicate potential issues with your siding.

• Trim pieces or flashing should surround doors, windows and the edges where two walls of siding meet. Missing or incorrectly installed trim pieces can allow water to leak behind the siding, causing issues on the surface of the siding as well as causing potential damage to the underlying structural components.
• Siding that is not correctly affixed to the house can produce noises that can be heard in the home’s interior. Wind can cause the siding to move and creak, and when wind speeds increase, the siding can produce a loud clattering sound.
• Drastic, unexplained increases in your energy bills can be a sign of a siding problem. Siding can sometimes pull away from foundations, windows and doors when it begins to fail. This creates drafts that facilitate the exchange of heat between the interior and exterior.

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