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Potential Winter Roofing Problems in Central Texas | Austin, Tx

Potential Winter Roofing Problems in Central Texas | Austin, Tx, roofing companyAlthough normal winter weather in Austin and the rest of Central Texas can often be described as mild, it is also highly unpredictable. The possibility that winter will bring freezing temperatures as well as some snow and ice is a reality that should be seriously considered when taking steps to protect your roof. Regardless of the severity of any winter weather, precipitation does occur, and with lower nighttime temperatures, this increases the chance of ice forming on your roof. The fluctuation of warmer daytime temperatures and colder nighttime temperatures can cause roof materials to expand and contract significantly enough to cause damage to them and the underlying roof structure. High winds from winter storms can damage a roof by destroying or blowing off shingles. Preparing for any possible winter conditions beforehand by having your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor can reduce the possibility of more severe damage occurring if any potential problems or conditions of the roof are caught early and repaired quickly. However, you should also keep in mind that roof repairs can often be made if you discover a problem even in the middle of winter. Prompt action could prevent more extensive damage to your home or its furnishings.

Can Gutters Present Problems in the Winter?

One of the frequently overlooked components of the roof is the gutter system. A properly installed and functional gutter should easily catch flowing water from precipitation on the roof and deliver it away from the foundation of the home. Having your gutters cleaned and inspected for leaks and other damage at least twice a year by an Austin residential roofing contractor is advisable. A clogged gutter can cause water to accumulate and eventually damage the surrounding roofing materials and even the exterior and interior structure of the home. Excess water allowed to freeze within the gutter can cause severe damage to the gutter and surrounding areas of the home structure very quickly.

Is Winter Hazardous to Asphalt Shingles?

The shingles on your roof should be inspected regularly to make sure that they are adequately protecting the home. A good preventive maintenance measure is to have the shingles on your roof thoroughly inspected by a professional roof contractor at least twice a year. A good time to have the shingles inspected is in the fall and again in the early spring. Any areas that need to be repaired or replaced should be attended to immediately before the onset of potentially severe weather conditions associated with winter and spring seasons. Many licensed roofing companies offer routine maintenance plans that include inspections and minor repairs.

Why Should Homeowners Ensure That Roof Flashings Are Ready for Winter?

Flashing is an important component of any roof system. It is usually made from metal sheets that are formed and placed at areas of the roof that need protection to divert water away from these areas. Flashing is used around chimneys, skylights, joints and roof penetrations, and it may be used at valleys as well. All flashing should be inspected at least twice a year to ensure that it is structurally sound and protecting the roof adequately.

Functional flashing is particularly essential during the winter season when the chances of freezing rain and sleet are most likely. Ice that forms on flashing can cause severe damage to the roof structure by distorting the intended shape of the flashing when water expands as it freezes. When the ice melts, the flashing is left in a distorted condition, leaving gaps and openings that will allow moisture to enter the underlying roofing materials and eventually the interior of the structure.

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