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Attic Ventilation Myths | Austin, TX

Attic Ventilation Myths | Austin, TX, roofing contractor austin tx Adequate attic ventilation is critical to the life of your roofing system and the efficiency of your attic insulation. However, ventilation is a topic that is frequently overlooked and often misunderstood. As a result, there is a great deal of misinformation being circulated about attic ventilation.

Attic Ventilation Myths | Austin, TX

The primary purpose of attic ventilation is to ensure the proper circulation of air. The goal is to continuously exhaust stale air and draw in fresh air. Although the process sounds simple, it is actually somewhat complex. This misconception has led to several myths about attic ventilation.

• Myth: One vent per gable is sufficient.

Fact: Gable vents are not the best option for most homes. They often circulate the air in just a small section of the attic.

• Myth: The more vents there are, the better the ventilation will be.

Fact: Effective ventilation occurs when the vents are neither too few nor too many. It is also important to bear in mind that every roof penetration carries a risk of an eventual leak, so having more penetrations than are needed can lead to problems down the road.

• Myth: Because warm air rises, attic ventilation increases heating costs during the winter months.

Fact: An attic with adequate insulation is going to block the transfer of heated air from the living space to the attic. Furthermore, a well-ventilated attic will absorb a significant amount of warmth from the sun.

• Myth: The only advantage gained from attic ventilation is greater comfort in the living area during the summer months.

Fact: Proper attic ventilation removes excess moisture from the air to help prevent the growth of mildew or mold on the insulation, roof sheathing, rafters and other items in the attic. Effective ventilation can also extend the life of asphalt shingles. Ventilation also helps improve the air quality in the living space. However, your insulation plays a much greater role in keeping the interior comfortable in the summer than your attic ventilation.

• Myth: The ventilation installed when the home was constructed is fine.

Fact: It is extremely likely that the builder provided the best ventilation system available at the time of construction. However, the science of ventilation, the technology available and the standards are constantly evolving. The older the house is, the more likely it is that the existing ventilation system is woefully ineffective.

• Myth: There is one type of vent that is right for all homes.

Fact: There are several types of vents available, but it can be tricky to choose the best vents for a specific home as each type has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, soffit vents may not be able to circulate the air trapped near the ceiling of the attic. Ridge vents are only effective if equipped with baffles. Vents installed along the roof line can be efficient, but they also carry an increased potential for leaks. The right solution may be a combination of vent types.

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