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Texas Roofing – Safety Tips for the Holidays

Texas Roofing - Safety Tips for the Holidays, roofing services austin txThe holiday season often finds many homeowners hanging decorations from or on their roofs. This may be the only time some homeowners ever access their roof. Accessing a roof creates a dangerous situation, and reports of roof-related accidents increase every year around the holidays. Most single-story homes can be decorated from a ladder. However, two-story homes or homes with dormer construction may require walking on the roof, which increases the possibility and severity of personal injuries. Damage to the roof is also more likely when someone walks on it. To eliminate the possibility of injuring yourself or damaging your roof, consider hiring a professional to install your holiday decorations. A reputable and licensed roofing company may be able to help you with suggestions or contact information for companies specializing in this type of work. Make sure anyone you consider hiring is fully insured.

Texas Roofing – Safety Tips for the Holidays

What Should Homeowners or Their Contractors Do to Protect Their Roofs During the Holidays?

There are many different types of holiday decorations that could be attached to or near your roof. Whether you decide to take on this task or hire a company to handle the job, here are some safety precautions you should know.

1. Evaluate the roof. Before beginning the process of hanging decorations, a thorough inspection of the roof should be performed. Fall is a great time to have your roof inspected by a professional roofer. For a routine homeowner’s inspection, look for visible damage. A sagging ridgeline indicates structural damage to the roof system, so you should never walk on or near the ridgeline. Any structural damage should be reported to a professional roofer for immediate attention. Missing or damaged shingles, flashing, and other roofing components can mean that damage to the decking and structural support system has occurred. Unseen damage below the surface may also be present even without apparent surface damage. Soft spots may be present, and when walked on by an untrained homeowner, severe damage to the roof can result. Falling through a roof with serious hidden damage can result in fatal injuries.
2. Clean the gutters. When lights are to be hung, it is a good idea to clean dead leaves and other debris from the gutters. Some lights can become hot enough to ignite a fire. Faulty wiring, which can develop after the lights are hung, can also cause a fire. After placing a ladder against the gutter, put a section of wood or similar hard material inside the gutter to strengthen it against the force exerted by the ladder and your weight.
3. Plan properly. Choose a sunny, dry day with minimal wind. Electrical decorations should be tested before installation. Use only decorations and extension cords that are manufactured for outdoor use.
4. Make sure your home’s electrical system will safely power the decorations. Lay the lights out along the ground in the general area and direction that they will hang from the roof. Shorter lengths are easier to work with and replace if necessary. Discard any electrical decorations with damaged wiring.
5. Have an assistant hand the tested decorations to an installer who is safely positioned on the ladder. Ornaments should be installed as recommended by the manufacturer. If possible, avoid using staples, nails or screws to hang any decorations along your fascia boards, and never use fasteners that will pierce your shingles if you are placing decorations on top of your roof. Clips are available that are manufactured to safely and conveniently attach specific decorations to any part of your roof.

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