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Roofing Services – What Details Go Into a Roof Quote?

Roofing Services - What Details Go Into a Roof Quote?, austin roofingThe average American does not have many interactions with residential roof contractors. If you stay in your home for 50 years, you probably will not need to call a roofing contractor to replace your roof more than two or three times during those five decades. You may need roof repairs a bit more frequently if your home is in Austin or Central Texas that is prone to significant hailstorms or high winds. The point is that obtaining quotes from a roof company is not something that most people do every day, so you may feel a little anxious when the need arises. If you are wondering what details should be included in your roof quote, the following guide can help you make sure that your bases are all covered.

Roofing Services – What Details Go Into a Roof Quote?

What Information Should a Quote for Roofing Services Include?

Not every roof company identically prepares quotes. Some contractors will submit quotes that are three or four pages long, but others may make a one-page handwritten or typed quote. Regardless of the method used, several pieces of essential information should be included.

• The company’s legal name, physical and mailing addresses, phone numbers and representative’s name should appear on the quote. Most reputable roofing contractors have stationery and quote forms preprinted with all of this information except the name of the representative preparing the quote. In addition to the representative’s signature, the name should be legibly printed on the quote.
• The quote should provide details of all materials. This should include the brand, type, and quantity of any underlayment, vents, flashing, and sealants. The roof covering should specify the brand, style, quantity, and color. If the job requires replacing any decking, the quote should state the number and size.
• The quote should list labor costs as a separate item.
• If the job requires the removal and disposal of existing materials, the quote should provide adequate details. Make sure that the quote clearly states whether dumpster rental, hauling fees, and landfill fees are included or are your responsibility.
• The scheduling of the work may be critical to you. The quote should at least include an expected commencement date and a projected completion date. However, keep in mind that inclement weather can force your roofing contractor to revise these dates.
• Your quote should include the payment terms. Experienced, well-established contractors seldom ask for a down payment unless you are ordering custom materials. If your insurance company is paying for the work, most contractors are willing to wait for payment until you receive the settlement check.
• If your city or county requires a permit for the type of work you need, the permit fee should be listed in your quote.
• Although Texas does not require licensing at the state level for roof contractors, many municipalities do. If you live in Austin or another town with licensing requirements, your contractor should provide proof of the appropriate license when he delivers your quote.
• Since you will want to verify references and the contractor’s insurance coverage, many contractors voluntarily include this information with every quote. If your contractor does not, be sure and ask for it.
• The quote should include information on the material warranties provided by the manufacturers. These warranties do not cover the quality of the contractor’s work, but credible contractors offer a warranty on their workmanship. This information should appear on the quote.

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