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Why Roof Maintenance Is Important | Austin, TX

There are few truly maintenance-free components in your home. Your central heating and cooling unit need its filters cleaned or replaced frequently; its ductwork inspected periodically and other routine maintenance. Your wood siding will need new paint or stain every few years. If you have a fireplace, an annual inspection and chimney cleaning can help guard against toxic fumes or fires. Interior drywall will need fresh paint occasionally, and paneling can benefit from periodic cleanings. Just like every other part of your home, your roof requires a little preventive maintenance. When homeowners call licensed roofing companies for roof maintenance services, they are following a wise course of action.

Why Roof Maintenance Is Important | Austin, TX

What Are the Benefits of Residential Roofing Maintenance?

Your roof is under constant threat from hail, torrential rain, wildlife, high winds, ultraviolet radiation, and other natural forces. It cannot protect itself because it is protecting your family, your home’s structural components and your possessions. Considering the importance of a roof and the abuse to which it is subjected, it is easy to see that it could use a little attention from time to time.

1. One of the most critical roofing services to add to your routine maintenance plan is a professional roof inspection. Ideally, you should have two regularly scheduled inspections per year as well as an unscheduled inspection after every incidence of severe weather. Regular inspections help identify weakened or damaged areas so that they can be addressed before they worsen. The longer that damage to your roof goes undetected, the higher the likelihood that your home’s structural components are incurring hidden damage that could be quite expensive to repair.
2. A well-executed maintenance plan should prioritize roof repairs. Shingles can crack, warp or blow away. The fasteners securing metal roofing panels may need to be tightened or replaced. Flashing can be cracked or bent. These are just a few examples of issues that could be allowing water to reach the roof decking, wall voids or other hidden areas. Once the water reaches these areas, it can rot wood or create a hospitable environment for colonies of mold or mildew. Professional roof maintenance can identify damaged areas so that timely repairs can be made.
3. Routine maintenance can help protect the curb appeal of your home. When architects design homes, they pay close attention to the roof. They choose the style of roof that will be most attractive as well as the features that the roof should have. They determine the proper slope of the roof, and they may also choose the best roofing materials for the home. Without proper maintenance, however, the beautiful roof that the architect created can become an eyesore that makes neighbors cringe.

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