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Problems You May Recognize in a Texas Roofing System

Problems You May Recognize in a Texas Roofing System, austin txHomeowners can often minimize or avoid serious and costly problems with their roofs by performing periodic visual inspections. This can be done and as often as you like. Additionally, a visual inspection for problems should be performed after severe storms, or any high-wind conditions have passed. Accessing your roof is not necessary. Walking on any roof can be dangerous; injuries from falls are common and may even prove fatal. Walking on your roof can also damage it. Save the high stuff for the professionals. Report any problems you see to a licensed roof contractor for immediate repair.

What Are a Few Things to Remember About Roof Inspections?

Being on the lookout for problems with your roofing system does not eliminate the need for a thorough inspection by an experienced, reputable, licensed roof contractor. Most roofing companies recommend a professional roof inspection every six months, supplemented by additional inspections after every instance of severe weather. Your Austin roofer may offer a free roofing inspection as a service or as part of a preventive maintenance plan.

What Is a Safe and Efficient Procedure for Recognizing Roof Problems?

Choose a sunny day to maximize visibility. Have a pair of binoculars handy for viewing high areas of the roof.

Begin by checking the gutters and downspouts for any obstruction that may impede the flow of water and its dispersion away from the foundation of your home. Look for shingle granules on the ground near the downspout exit points. If your roof is close to 20 years old, excessive granules may indicate that it is time to have the shingles replaced. For one-story homes, place a sturdy ladder against the side of the home, avoiding the gutters if possible. Having an assistant present is recommended while you are on the ladder. Check the gutters for damaged or missing pieces. Check the inside of the gutters for debris and any accumulation of granules. Carefully examine the fascia boards behind the gutters for damage or rot.

After you are safely back on the ground, look at the condition of the shingles, using your binoculars for a better view. Take notice of any missing or damaged shingles anywhere on the roof. Check for the presence of and overall condition of all flashing. Check the ridge and valleys of the roof for low spots that may indicate structural damage. Continue this procedure all the way around the house.

Access the attic and look for any sign that water is entering it, including stains or damp spots on insulation, boxes or rafters. Check the rafters, joists, and bracing for any structural damage. Make a note of any areas or objects in the attic that have developed mildew or mold.

Any water stains or wet spots within the home may indicate that a roof leak is present. Report any problems found to a reputable and professional roof contractor as soon as possible to avoid additional damage.

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