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What Is a Pipe Boot Leak? Austin Texas Roofing

What Is a Pipe Boot Leak? Austin Texas RoofingModern roofs have numerous components that work together to protect your home’s furnishings and structural elements from the weather. These components include the roof decking, rafters, trusses, underlayment, and fascia boards. Other components help ensure adequate ventilation of the attic and interior spaces. If you walk into your backyard and look at your roof, you will probably see at least one short pipe that penetrates the roof. These are plumping exhaust pipes. Like all roof penetrations, these pipes need to be sealed to prevent water infiltration, and the most common solution is to install pipe boots and flashing. There are various types and styles of pipe boots, but all of them have the potential to be compromised and allow a leak to develop around the pipe. Many calls for an emergency roof leak repair can be attributed directly to a damaged pipe boot.

What Is a Pipe Boot Leak? Austin Texas Roofing

What Are the Common Causes of Pipe Boot Leaks?

The reason that a pipe boot fails can depend on its type, the quality of the work performed by the roofer who installed it, and the amount of damage inflicted by hail and other instances of severe weather. Some causes are relatively rare; for example, squirrels and other pests can sometimes damage the boot, and wind-borne objects can occasionally bend or damage the pipe itself. However, most pipe boot leaks have more mundane causes.

1. Photooxidative degradation is a term used to explain what happens when UV rays and oxygen combine to break down a material’s chemical chain. Rubber pipe boots can crack and turn brittle as a result of photooxidative degradation, and the rubber can shrink, leaving a gap between the pipe and the boot.
2. Licensed roofing companies know that exposed nail heads can lead to leaks, so they take care to ensure that all nail heads are concealed. However, nails securing the flashing around a pipe must often be left exposed. A competent Austin Texas roofer will caulk or seal the exposed nail heads. Still, the caulking will usually deteriorate much sooner than your roof covering and will need to be replaced periodically.
3. Debris can become trapped between the pipe flashing and the shingles, forming a dam that results in a roof leak during every heavy rainfall. If a pipe boot is installed correctly, there will be enough room at the base for water to flow around the pipe without creating a debris dam.

Pipe boot leaks are typically minor roof repairs if they are caught before more extensive damage results. They are also problems that should be revealed during a professional roof inspection. Some residential roofing Austin TX contractors offer preventive maintenance plans that include rooftop inspections of all flashing and pipe boots so that issues can be fixed before a leak happens. Professional maintenance plans are typically very economical, but they can help you avoid expensive roof repairs down the line.

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