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What Is the Maintenance for James Hardie Fiber Siding?

What Is the Maintenance for James Hardie Fiber Siding?, Austin, TXEvery siding contractor knows that all types of siding need at least a little maintenance if they are to have a long life and look attractive throughout. However, the maintenance requirements for James Hardie fiber siding are minimal. When compared to vinyl siding and wood siding, these minimum requirements become even more apparent.

Why Choose James Hardie Fiber Siding?

Quality vinyl siding is a little less expensive than Hardie siding, but vinyl is also less durable and can be damaged by hail or other impacts. The color of vinyl siding will fade over time, and it often develops a chalky film on its surface from exposure to the elements. Vinyl siding panels tend to expand and contract a great deal due to temperature fluctuations, and these changes can make it necessary to replace the caulking frequently or tighten the fasteners.

The initial cost of wood siding can be expensive. Wood siding requires constant maintenance to maintain its intended look. Wood needs to be repainted, sealed or stained every few years. The process of adequately repainting or staining wood siding can be labor-intensive and expensive. Untreated wood siding is also highly flammable, and insects can attack it or suffer from dry rot.

James Hardie fiber siding has been engineered to consider the failings and weaknesses of alternative siding options. Proper installation is essential; only experienced Hardie siding contractors have the specialized tools and training to handle and install James Hardie fiber cement siding. Professional installation will ensure the advanced engineering of the product is fully utilized to provide years of trouble-free protection. Improper installation may create serious maintenance problems and void warranties.

How Important Is Cleaning James Hardie Fiber Siding?

Keeping your siding clean enhances the appearance of your home, but it also protects the integrity of your siding. Dirt and debris can hide issues that need attention, and mold or mildew can deteriorate the painted finish. Make sure your siding is thoroughly cleaned at least once or twice a year.

Avoid the use of a high-pressure washer on your siding. Instead, use a garden hose and a soft, non-abrasive brush or clean cloth. Starting at the top and working down, use a side-to-side motion in the direction of installation. Rinse as you go. A mild cleaning agent may be used, but make sure any cleaning agent used is recommended for fiber cement siding. As you clean the surface, make a note of any issues, including loose fasteners, damaged trim pieces or deteriorated caulking.

Besides Cleaning, What Maintenance Is Required for James Hardie Siding?

Any issues noted during the cleaning of the siding or during a periodic walk-around inspection should be attended to as quickly as possible.

• Tighten or replace loose or damaged fasteners on panels and trim. Use only fasteners specifically made for fiber cement board applications.
• Remove worn or damaged caulking and replace with the proper fiber cement board sealant.
• Repair minor dents on siding panels or trim with a cement patching material specifically recommended for fiber cement products.
• Repair missing or damaged paint with the proper product intended for use on fiber cement board. Prepare the surface as advised by the paint manufacturer.

The replacement of siding pieces or other major repairs will typically need to be performed by a professional and experienced siding contractor. Consult your contractor before performing any repairs yourself.

How Can I Avoid Maintenance Issues?

Although not all periodic maintenance can be avoided, there are additional precautions that can be taken to protect your siding and prolong its life.

• Make sure gutters are performing as intended. If you do not have gutters, install them.
• Adjust sprinklers so that they do not continuously spray water onto the siding.
• Ensure that water drains away from the siding.
• Keep trees and shrubs trimmed so that they are not in contact with the siding.

As you can see, there is very little maintenance needed for James Hardie siding. The maintenance requirements are significantly less than for wood siding, and many people who have dealt with both vinyl and Hardie siding have found that vinyl often requires more maintenance.

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