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HardiePlank Siding: Is It Worth It

HardiePlank Siding: Is It Worth It, wood siding, siding, HardiePlank wood siding, Alpha RoofingWhether it is for a new home, an addition or a renovation, the right siding can make a dramatic difference in the property’s curb appeal. Many people feel that their only choices are a high-end wood siding or an economical vinyl siding. However, a third option exists that offers many advantages over both vinyl and wood. It is known as HardiePlank.

What Is HardiePlank?

HardiePlank falls in the category of fiber-cement siding. It is manufactured by combining cementitious materials and cellulose fibers; embossed texturing gives it an appearance that is remarkably close to wood siding, especially when viewed from a distance. Because the materials used are abundant, the production process uses no toxic materials and the product has a very long life, HardiePlank is considered a green building material.

Advantages of HardiePlank

HardiePlank carries a manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years, but with proper maintenance, the siding could last much longer than the warranty. It is insect-resistant, so unlike wood siding, HardiePlank is not of interest to termites and carpenter ants. HardiePlank is also fire-resistant, contributing no combustibles that could feed flames; wood siding is obviously highly combustible, and since petroleum products are used in the manufacturing process, vinyl siding can contribute significant combustibles.

HardiePlank and wood siding have a similar thickness, and both can be painted in any color you want. Furthermore, the paint applied to HardiePlank typically lasts longer than paint applied to many types of wood siding. When a color change is desired, the new color can usually be applied to HardiePlank without completely stripping the old paint first.

What Does HardiePlank Cost?

The exact cost will depend on many factors. However, as a general rule, HardiePlank Siding costs approximately 20 percent more than vinyl siding. Compared to wood siding, HardiePlank is much less expensive than a complete replacement, and it is often cheaper than completely refurbishing existing wood siding.

To Learn More About HardiePlank Siding

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