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Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company | Austin, TX

Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company | Austin, TXWhether you need repairs on an existing roof or an entire roof replacement, hiring the right commercial roofing company will ensure that the job is done correctly. A professional and experienced commercial contractor will stand by his work and guarantee the quality of his workmanship.

The roof on a commercial building should secure the comfort and safety of the patrons and personnel within its interior. Equipment and materials need to be adequately protected to avoid interruptions in the business operations. Furthermore, since financial losses can quickly snowball, necessary repairs should be made as soon as possible.

Have You Researched Potential Commercial Roofing Companies?

Most well-established and professional commercial roofing contractors have a website that can be a great source for detailed information about the company and its services. Testimonials from previous customers are often included on such sites. There are also other sites that can guide you to a potential commercial roofer in your area. These other sites carefully scrutinize companies and rate them on their business practices and customer satisfaction. Website searches can simplify the process, reducing the time needed to choose a contractor or to develop a list of potential contractors to hire.

What Have You Heard About a Particular Contractor?

Word-of-mouth is another way to gather information about commercial roofing companies. Building owners and property managers who have had roofing work done can give you information based on their personal experiences. This also gives you the opportunity to ask unbiased parties pertinent questions.

Is the Contractor Insured and Bonded?

Any contractor working on your property should have be insured and bonded. Insurance should include both liability and workers compensation. Bonding ensures that the work is completed and that any liens associated with the job remain the responsibility of the contractor.

In Texas, commercial roofing contractors are not required to obtain a license although some municipalities make licensing mandatory. However, contractors can voluntarily obtain a license. The requirements for voluntary licenses are strict, so if your contractor is licensed, it is a sign of his time in business, his financial responsibility and his knowledge. Since licenses are not mandatory, you should consider them a bonus rather than a requirement. Many excellent roofing contractors are not licensed. Certifications from roofing manufacturers are often as difficult to obtain as a license, so you might want to consider them an acceptable substitute for a voluntary license.

How Important Is a Commercial Contractor’s Experience?

Actual experience in the repair and replacement of commercial roofs defines a professional roofing contractor. Employees of the contractor should be highly trained, have hands-on experience and be supervised at all times. Without the proper experience in commercial roof installations and repairs, the probability of receiving quality work is diminished.

Should Everything Be in Writing?

Any reputable commercial roof contractor should have no problem in providing everything in writing. In fact, you may want to have several commercial roofing contractors inspect the roof and write detailed quotes for the needed work. A comparison can then be made to determine if the contractor is honest and thorough. Having everything in writing can protect you if problems arise later. Get guarantees, warranties, quotes and contracts in writing. Be sure to read all documents carefully, including the small print.

Why Should I Contact Alpha Roofing?

Alpha Roofing is a highly regarded roofing company serving the needs of commercial and residential clients in Austin and throughout Central Texas. Our installers are professionals who work only for us, so you need never fear that your job will be farmed out to a subcontractor. We have built an exceptional reputation for our workmanship, reasonable rates and professional customer service. Our roof services include flat roof replacement and repair, metal roof installation, asphalt shingle installation, metal fabrication, emergency roof repair, and siding installation, chimney repair, skylight installation and flashing services. Call 512-777-1086 or complete the online form to request your free quote today.