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Signs That You Need New Siding | Austin, TX

Signs That You Need New Siding | Austin, TX, siding austin tx Siding adds to your home’s visual appeal and helps you create a unique look that reflects your personality. However, as any siding contractor can tell you, your home’s exterior cladding also protects the structural elements and can help you reduce your energy bills. Wood siding home designs have been extremely popular with American homeowners throughout most of the nation’s history. Wood is a renewable material that is easy to mill to create a wide variety of styles. Furthermore, paint or stain allows homeowners to choose the color or colors that they find appealing. However, unless wood receives the proper care, it can deteriorate. Many homeowners seeking low-maintenance products began choosing vinyl instead of wood during the 1960s, but vinyl can also deteriorate. Therefore, whether your home’s exterior is protected by wood or vinyl, you will eventually need to replace the cladding. Knowing the signs that a replacement will soon be necessary can give you the time you need to evaluate your options and align your budget accordingly.

Signs That You Need New Siding | Austin, TX

The wood sidings home designers use vary in type, quality, and style. For example, some homes may feature cedar or redwood sidings that resist rot and insect damage, but other houses may be clad in pine to reduce building costs. The styles of wood sidings home designers choose are often selected to work with the home’s architecture so that boards may run horizontally or vertically, shakes may be installed on an upper level, or the wood may be cut into clamshell designs. Therefore, when looking for signs of damage, a siding contractor knows that a home may show multiple signs. Here are some common damage patterns indicating you may need to replace your home’s exterior wood.

• Rot: Rot makes your home more inviting to termites and other insects that can cause extensive damage. Furthermore, rotten wood allows water to reach structural components, spreading the rot and encouraging mold and mildew. If the rot is confined to a relatively small area, your contractor may be able to remedy the situation through a repair or limited replacement. However, if the affected area is too large, replacing all your cladding may be your best option to ensure the structural integrity of your home.
• Cracks: Cracks allow water to penetrate to the structural components. It is usually not a major expense to have your contractor replace a few cracked boards, but if many boards on different walls have cracked, you will probably need to plan for a complete replacement of your cladding.
• Interior Damage: The first clue of damage can appear on the home’s interior rather than its exterior. The exterior damage may be difficult to spot, but if moisture is entering the wall void, the first sign of a problem may be mold or mildew on interior walls, peeling wallpaper or interior paint that is peeling, blistering or cracking.
• Energy Bills: Cracks and gaps in your exterior cladding can increase the exchange of internal and external air. Furthermore, damaged insulation will be far less efficient at preventing this thermal exchange.

What Are Some Signs That You Need to Replace Your Vinyl Siding?

Some warning signs are the same for both vinyl and wood cladding. For example, higher energy bills and interior damage can indicate the need to replace your cladding whether the structure is a vinyl or wood siding home. However, some warning signs are much more likely to be found with vinyl than with wood.

• Holes: Vinyl is susceptible to impact damage. Large hail, baseballs, and objects blown into the home during a high wind can knock holes in the vinyl. Also, homeowners may inadvertently damage vinyl sidings with lawn mowers or string trimmers.
• Warping: Vinyl sidings can warp, especially when exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight. Warping can also result from improper installation.
• Bubbles: Bubbles and blisters typically indicate that moisture is trapped beneath the vinyl.

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