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Siding Installation Can Reduce Energy Bills

Siding Installation Can Reduce Energy Bills, siding installation austin txIn recent years, homeowners have become increasingly eager to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Although some people are attempting to make their homes more eco-friendly, most homeowners are interested in lowering their energy bills. Since between 48 percent and 70 percent of a homeowner’s energy bill is the result of heating and cooling the home, improving the home’s energy efficiency can have a significant impact on the monthly energy bills. Weatherstripping, attic insulation, double-pane windows and similar improvements can help, but one improvement that is often overlooked is siding installation. When backed by proper insulation, Siding Installation Can Reduce Energy Bills.

Siding Installation Can Reduce Energy Bills

Your home likely has some insulation in the walls already. However, this does not mean that there will not be air exchanged between your home’s interior and the outside. Air can move around the wall studs, creating drafts that deliver the air you have already warmed or cooled to the great outdoors and allowing the outside air to invade your home. As a result, you or your family members may adjust the thermostat to make your home more comfortable. Essentially, this means that you are paying more than once to adjust the temperature to a level that you find tolerable. Even without additional insulation, siding can increase the R-value by approximately one point; when combined with quality foam insulation, the R-value can be increased by as much as 4.87.

Siding Reduces Cooling Needs

In Austin and Central Texas, homeowners typically realize the greatest benefit of siding during the summer. The combination of hot temperatures and humidity can cause many homeowners to rely on air conditioning to make their living spaces bearable, which means that most homeowners in this area face much larger energy bills in the summer than in the winter. Siding helps prevent the infiltration of hot air into your home, so your home will remain cooler than the outside temperature. Furthermore, since most of the electricity used to cool a home occurs during the afternoon, the energy is being used during peak hours, increasing the strain on the grid and potentially eliminating the ability to take advantage of any discounts offered during off-peak hours. If siding is combined with ceiling fans and window coverings, additional savings can result.

Siding Reduces Strain on the HVAC System

Whether you are heating or cooling your home, reducing the amount of time that your system must operate can prolong the life of the unit. If your unit must operate constantly to make your home comfortable, it will be more likely to experience problems, including the complete failure of the unit. This is especially true for your air conditioner; the compressor needs to be able to cycle periodically if it is to last.

Siding Can Contribute to Lower Rates

Like most products, energy costs are driven by the principle of supply and demand. When a great many homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes, the demand drops; this increases the supply, allowing rates to decline.

Learn More About the Advantages of Siding

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