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Siding: What Is The HardieZone System?

Siding: What Is The HardieZone System?, austin roofing Fiber cement siding was introduced by James Hardie in the 1980s. The company pioneered the development of the technology that would allow building materials to be produced that take advantage of the versatility, strength and durability of fiber cement without sacrificing affordability. However, the company was not content to rest on its laurels, so James Hardie has continued to design innovative products and systems. The HardieZone System is yet another example of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement.

What Is the HardieZone System?

The HardieZone System is the result of extensive research conducted by James Hardie. The exterior of your home takes quite a beating from the elements, but the elements are not the same in every part of the country. For example, homes in North Dakota will be subjected to much more ice and snow than homes in Florida, but the homes in Florida are more likely to be subjected to high humidity levels and hurricane-force winds.

Researchers at James Hardie identified the eight primary climatic variables that impacted the long-term performance of exterior cladding. These variables were assigned to the 10 climatic zones established for the United States. Careful evaluation found that certain regions shared the same variables, allowing them to be grouped together. The company found that it could engineer products for the first five and last five climatic zones, reducing the potential number of product lines to two: HZ5 and HZ10. Central Texas lies in the part of the country covered by HZ10.

What Are the Benefits of the HardieZone System?

HZ10 products have been specifically engineered to withstand the types of environmental conditions that are common in Central Texas, including strong sunlight, high winds and potentially heavy rains. The boards resist moisture damage that can cause other types of siding to swell, split or crack after a hot, humid summer. The ColorPlus Technology offers exceptional resistance to fading caused by exposure to harsh sunlight. During a dry season, the boards will resist the spread of flames that can often occur when the winds are strong.

It is significant that the company is so confident that the new system can stand up to the ravages of nature that it backs the HardieZone System with its strongest warranty. The 30-year warranty is transferable and is not prorated, so the products will be fully covered for the entire 30 years.

What About Maintenance?

The siding requires very little maintenance. Once or twice a year, you can spray it with your garden hose to remove any dirt, grass clippings or other debris. If you prefer, you can use a soft brush or cloth and plain water. If necessary, you can use add a little dishwashing detergent to the water and use a soft brush.

Over time, the caulking around flashings, connections and penetrations may wear. When this happens, you should apply a permanently flexible caulk in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the caulking compound.

For the sake of your siding as well as the rest of your home, you should manage runoff and any other source of flowing water. Keep your gutters and downspouts clear and free-flowing. Ensure that the bottom of your siding and the ground have a clearance of several inches. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed so that they are not in contact with your siding.

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