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Service You Should Expect | Alpha Roofing | Austin, Texas, roof servicesWhether you need routine roof maintenance, major roof repairs or a total roof replacement, your satisfaction can only be ensured by employing the services of a professional, experienced and reputable roofing company. Roofing contractors who continue to remain in business within the very competitive roofing industry, who offer an extensive range of services related to roofing, who have a lengthy list of satisfied customers as references, and who stand behind their workmanship are at the forefront of their industry because they have achieved all these things. Excellent customer service is just one thing that differentiates the “here today, gone tomorrow” roofer from the professional roofing company that will still be in business tomorrow.

What Should I Know About My Roofing Job?

The roof contractor Austin TX that you choose should be willing to communicate all aspects of the roofing job to you. From an initial inspection to ascertain the condition of your roof — which should be offered as a free service — to the final point of completion, you should be kept well-informed by someone directly connected to the work being performed. You should be involved in the planning process so that the work is started when it is convenient for you and finished within an acceptable time. You should know exactly what materials are being used for your roof repair or roof replacement, and these materials should be of the highest quality for the price. You should receive a detailed, written quotation before work begins. Any unforeseen conditions that arise during the repair or construction should be brought to your attention immediately.

What Services Should a Roof Company Provide After the Job Is Completed?

Upon completion of the roof maintenance, installation or repair work, all debris and other work materials should be removed from your property to your satisfaction. Any damage that may have occurred to your property, landscaping or home should be remedied before the work is considered finished.

Reputable roofing companies will have the proper accreditation and experience in the installation of the materials used on your roof. This is important to ensure that the manufacturer will honor its product warranty. The roofing contractor should also offer a labor warranty that guarantees the quality of their workmanship.

You should be completely satisfied with the finished product. If you are not completely satisfied with the workmanship or materials used, you should communicate any concerns to your roofing contractor. Any professional roof company will value its reputation very highly and will not consider the work complete until you are satisfied.

When all work is complete, and you are completely satisfied with your new roof, it would be advisable to retain the services of this contractor. You may wish to create an ongoing program of preventive maintenance to ensure the integrity of your roof for many years to come. Many reliable and professional roofing companies prioritize emergency roof repairs for program participants or previous customers if the need arises. It would also be helpful if you would show your confidence in and appreciation of your contractor by posting positive comments on their website to inform and encourage others who are seeking the services of a reputable and professional roofing contractor.

The Honest, Experienced Roof Contractor Austin TX Homeowners Appreciate

Alpha Roofing is a roof company and we have won numerous awards over the years, but the accolades we receive from customers on social media sites and our website are particularly special to us. We treat all customers in a professional, respectful manner, and we work hard to ensure their complete satisfaction with our services. Our crews are highly trained employees who provide exceptional work on every project. We offer an extensive variety of roofing services, including asphalt shingle installations, emergency roof repairs, preventive roofing maintenance plans, metal roof installations, chimney repairs, flashings, skylight installations, and siding installations. For a free estimate, submit our online quote request form or call 512-777-1086.