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Roofing Winter Tips – Austin, TX

Roofing Winter Tips - Austin, TX, roof repair austinResidents of Austin do not worry much about what the winter might bring. They know that getting 48 inches of snow in a single weekend would be a virtual impossibility, that there will only be a few nights when temperatures drop below freezing and that an ice storm severe enough to pose major traffic problems hits every two or three years. Given the mild winters, it may seem odd to be discussing tips to make sure that your roof is protected this winter. However, winters in Austin can bring high winds, plentiful rainfall and occasionally, a few surprises. Since it is cheaper to prevent roof damage than it is to repair it, you might find the following advice helpful.

Roofing Winter Tips – Austin, TX – Get a Professional Roof Inspection

You can stand on the ground and check to see if any shingles are missing or broken, but that will not tell you much about your roof’s overall health. A reputable, experienced roofing professional can perform an in-depth inspection to identify problems that you did not see and uncover issues that could potentially develop into big problems before spring.

Roofing Winter Tips – Austin, TX – Take Care of Your Gutters

On average, it will rain in the Austin area on approximately 25 percent of the winter days. In a typical year, more than 7 inches of rain per month will fall in the winter, leading up to an average of more than 9 inches in March. Cracked, sagging, missing or clogged gutters can put your roof — as well as your siding, foundation and interior — at risk from water damage. Repair gutters as needed and clean them to ensure that the gutters and downspouts are clear.

Roofing Winter Tips – Austin, TX – Inspect Your Attic

Go into your attic on a bright day and look for sunlight coming through in spots where it really should not be. Examine the underside of your roof decking to ensure that there are no water stains or broken pieces of plywood. Make sure that your insulation is dry and evenly distributed.

Roofing Winter Tips – Austin, TX – Trim Overhanging Tree Branches

If your tree has branches that overhang your roof, trim them or hire a reliable service to perform the task. The branches may not be scraping against your roof now, but if they become heavy with ice, they could wear on your roof and damage it. Furthermore, in the event of an ice storm, the branches could fall on your roof, and if they are heavy enough, they could cause extensive damage.

Roofing Winter Tips – Austin, TX – Have Repairs Made Quickly

If you identify any issues with your roof or your roof contractor discovers potential problems, have a roofing professional make any necessary repairs. Hiring a reputable roofer means that the repairs will be made properly and safely. If you ignore repairs, they will likely worsen over the winter, which usually means that it will be more expensive to fix the problem next spring.

Alpha Roofing Can Help Winterize Your Roof

At Alpha Roofing, we are roofing professionals who know all about the winters in Austin, TX and Central Texas. We are the Austin residential roofing experts and have the skills and experience to help you make sure that your roof will keep you and your family cozy all winter. We offer an extensive list of services, including roof inspections, roof repair, asphalt shingle installation, debris removal, metal roofing systems, chimney repairs, skylight installation, and flashing repair. We deliver extraordinary results at reasonable prices. We offer free estimates, so call us at (512) 777-1086 or fill out the quote request form online.