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Roofing: Repair or Replace

Roofing: Repair or Replace, roof replacement austin The decision to repair or replace your existing roof will depend on several factors. Age, condition, weather damage and inadequate previous repair or roof replacement will all have to be considered and evaluated to properly decide the best course of action. The most important aspect for roof repair is to act quickly to minimize the potential of future or additional damage. A roof’s job is to keep weather out and properly protect the interior of your home. Faults in the roofing can quickly damage the sheathing and deck of a roof and escalate into structural rafter damage. Water leaks from rain will eventually show on ceilings, walls, and floors and can cause considerable damage to the interior of a home or business.

A properly maintained roof can decrease the frequency and severity of needed repairs and prolong the need for replacement. Periodic visual inspection is a great way to minimize problems. The older the roof, the more frequent these inspections should be. The roof should also be visually inspected after weather conditions like heavy rain, hail and high winds. Inspect the roof thoroughly from ground level or from a ladder as well as from the interior of the attic.

Repair Before Replacement

It is sometimes more feasible and financially prudent to repair a roof if the overall condition of the roof is good. An asphalt-shingled roof will typically last 20 years, so if the roof is nearing the end of its expected life, repairing it may not be the best option. However, if the roof is relatively new, you might want to consider repairing it rather than replacing it. The cost of repairing a roof can be more expensive than replacement, though, if extensive repairs are needed.

When Repair Is Not an Option

One of the advantages of replacement is that you will most likely benefit from the manufacturing technology of today if you are replacing an older roof. Some asphalt shingles now come with a 30-year or even a lifetime warranty due to the advanced technology. If two or more layers of asphalt shingles already exist on the roof, building codes state that all previous layers will have to be removed. There are advantages to removing all existing shingles; this will allow the roofing contractor to examine the decking thoroughly, perform needed repairs to the decking as well as other areas and facilitate the use of new, advanced materials to be installed as replacements for outdated materials.

If you identify any of the following, you will probably be wise to replace your roof rather than repair it.

• Buckled, curled, cracked or blistered shingles
• Excessive roofing granules in your gutters or around your downspouts
• Damp spots beside fireplaces
• Unexplained moisture on the pipes venting your furnace or water heater
• Substantial amounts of lichen or moss on your shingles
• Damaged flashing or cracked caulk that may have allowed water to work its way underneath the shingles
• Paint on the bottom of roof overhangs is peeling
• Unusual wear around vent pipes, skylights or chimneys

Whether you choose to repair or replace your roof, it is important to hire an experienced, reliable roofing contractor. We would be happy to inspect your roof and advise the best course of action for your situation. In Austin, Tx, Alpha Roofing offers roof repairs, install asphalt shingles and metal roofing systems, repair chimneys and install skylights, and flashing. We also offer moss and debris removal. Our employees are roofing professionals who are committed to quality work, customer service, effective communication and respect for the property of our customers. If you have more questions about Roofing: Repair or Replace, or would like a free quote, fill out the online form or call our office at (512) 777-1086.