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Roofing In The Rain: Is It Acceptable?

Roofing In The Rain: Is It Acceptable?, austin roofing contractorsIt is a bright, sunny day in May, and you are expecting your roofing contractor to start tearing off your existing roof first thing tomorrow. However, he calls to let you know that the job needs to be postponed due to weather. To you, the weather seems ideal for roofing, but the contractor has been monitoring the forecast, which states that the chance of significant rain tomorrow is at 80 percent. Since your roof is not leaking, the contractor decides that it is better to wait until he can have nice weather throughout the entire process.

No reputable roofing contractor would attempt a complete roof replacement in the rain. A wet roof can be extremely dangerous to work on, increasing the risks to his workers. Furthermore, local building codes in your area may not allow it.

The preferred process of installing a new roof is to remove the old roofing material and start from scratch. This would expose the decking and could allow rain to enter the attic and interior of the structure, potentially causing damage and providing a suitable environment for mold and mildew to grow. Although some new roofs are installed over the existing roof to save time and money, this is not advisable even under ideal weather conditions. If done while it is raining, the problems can be exacerbated. For example, in the case of asphalt shingles, the shingles may be unable to properly adhere to one another; the self-adhesive strip on the back of an asphalt shingle needs to remain dry to adhere properly or they will be easily blown off. In the case of a metal roof installation, trapped moisture can cause premature corrosion on the underside of the metal and to the fasteners securing the metal panels to the roof. The felt paper commonly used as sheathing under the new roofing material must not be allowed to get wet. When wet, felt paper will often wrinkle, which will cause the shingles to not sit flat, making them easily damaged during windy conditions. Raised shingles will also allow for the accumulation of moisture that will have trouble evaporating. This can cause eventual infiltration problems inside the structure, increase the accumulation of debris and promote the growth of mold and algae.

When Roofing in the Rain May Be Acceptable

A good roofing contractor will always stay informed of pending weather conditions, including the possibility of rain. However, weather is often unpredictable, so an experienced roofing contractor should be prepared for the possibility of rain. Tarps should be available and ready for immediate use. Experienced contractors will often work small areas of the roof at a time to minimize the risk of exposing the decking and underlayment to rain.

As a rule, however, most roofing contractors will only work in the rain if immediate repairs need to be made during or immediately after a storm to keep rain from entering and damaging the interior of a structure. These kinds of repairs are usually temporary; the areas are permanently repaired when weather conditions are more favorable. Many roofing contractors working in areas that receive a lot of rain have developed methods that allow them to work during a light drizzle, but in general, any roofing work that is not a true emergency should be done under dry conditions.

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