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Austin Roofing: Is Your DIY Project Safe?

Austin Roofing: Is Your DIY Project Safe?, austin roofingYour home’s roof is the most important part of its construction. It protects the interior of your home from rain, sleet, hail, wind, excessive heat and bitter cold. However, your roof is also going to suffer the first strikes from the elements. Over time, nature will take a toll on even a well-constructed roof. Periodic preventive maintenance can greatly increase your roof’s integrity and lifespan. Therefore, many homeowners ignore the advice of roofing contractors and are tempted to handle what seems to be simple maintenance procedures or even major repairs and replacement roofs. Doing the work yourself may appear to be a logical, cost-effective way to handle issues with your roof, but there are a few dangers to this approach that should be carefully considered.

Are You Willing to Risk a Physical Injury?

Roofing is a dangerous business, and even the professionals have a high rate of on-the-job injuries.
The possibility of being injured while performing preventive roof maintenance or repairs should be evident to even the most confident do-it-yourselfer. The typical homeowner does not have the training, experience or safety equipment to minimize the possibility of injury enough to justify a great deal of confidence on the roof or while accessing it. The money saved from doing it yourself can easily be diverted to paying medical bills. Even tasks as seemingly safe and simple as cleaning the gutters can result in an injury from a ladder fall. Due to the height and slope of the roof, working on a roof can be an extremely dangerous undertaking that can lead to serious injury or death unless the proper footwear is worn, the roof is completely free from moisture and a safety harness is worn correctly.

Are You Confident About Your Ability to Do the Job Properly?

The best assurance that a roof is properly repaired or installed is a guarantee issued by a reputable and experienced roofing contractor. DIY homeowners just do not have the knowledge or experience to perform most repairs or installations adequately. The correct materials for repairs must be chosen carefully after considering the roof type, age and condition and design of the existing roof. Materials must always be applied correctly to ensure long-lasting, leakproof results. A poor job can easily lead to further problems, including more repairs, additional expenses and a negative impact on the value of your home. There is no substitute for experience and training when it comes to a roofing job.

Have You Considered the Potential Impact on Your Warranty?

Any work done on a roof that is still under the protection of a manufacturer’s warranty will void the warranty if the work is not performed by a licensed roofing contractor certified by or otherwise acceptable to the manufacturer of the product. Furthermore, some products are only guaranteed against premature failure if they are installed in conjunction with specific other products or in a specific manner.

Instead of Going It Alone, Call Alpha

Alpha Roofing can set up an ongoing preventive maintenance program to ensure that your home’s roof remains in great condition. When needed, our knowledgeable and well-trained staff can safely and professionally perform any repairs. We also replace asphalt shingles, install metal roofing systems, offer emergency roof repair, install siding and remove moss, repair flashing, install skylights, chimney repair and install insulation. We have an exceptional reputation that is based on our workmanship, commitment to customer service, professionalism and reasonable rates. You can ask for a free quote by submitting the short online form or by calling our office in Round Rock at (512) 777-1086.