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Roofing Contract – Before You Sign

Roofing Contract - Before You Sign, austin roofing contractorsWhether you need roof repairs or a replacement roof, your roofing contractor should provide you with a transparent, comprehensive contract. The contract should clearly define each party’s responsibilities and provide a detailed description of the work to be performed. A poorly defined contract can lead to confusion or future issues. Before you sign a roofing contract, be sure that each of the following areas are satisfactorily covered in the contract.

Roofing Contract – Before You Sign – Job Scope

The contract needs to include all details related to the project. These details include the materials that will be used, whether the contractor will be responsible for cleaning up the site after the work is completed, the time it will take to complete the work, any applicable milestones and the date that the job is scheduled to commence. If the existing roof is to be removed, the contract should include whether you or the contractor will pay for a dumpster, disposal fees or any other associated charges. If there are any exclusions, they should be stated in the contract.

Roofing Contract – Before You Sign – Price

Ideally, the contract will list the quantity and cost of each material required for the job, the labor and any other costs. There should also be a provision covering contingency costs. For example, if there is an increase in the cost of shingles, you need to know whether you or the contractor will pay the difference.

Roofing Contract – Before You Sign – Payment Terms

The contract should specify how you must pay for the work. If down payments or progress payments are required, the contract should clearly state the payment schedule. If the total payment is due after the work is complete, the contract should state how long you have to remit the payment.

Roofing Contract – Before You Sign – Warranty

Manufacturers issue warranties on their products, but contractors are responsible for issuing warranties on their work. The contract should detail the length of the warranty as well as the type. Furthermore, the contract should include situations or actions that could void the warranty.

Roofing Contract – Before You Sign – Lien Release

Some contractors hire subcontractors to complete part of the work. However, if the subcontractors are not paid by the contractor, you could be held liable for the money owed to them. A lien release provides you with protection against this type of scenario.

Roofing Contract – Before You Sign – Termination Clause

All contracts should contain a termination clause that defines the conditions under which you or your contractor can terminate the contract. At minimum, the termination clause should cover breach of contract and insolvency. Breach of contract means that one party has failed to meet the terms required by the contract. Insolvency means that a bankruptcy order or compulsory liquidation order has been made against you or your contractor.

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