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Your Roof Replacement in Austin | How To Reduce the Cost

Your Roof Replacement in Austin | How To Reduce the Cost, roofing companiesWhen the time comes for a full roof replacement, finding the right roof company to perform the work as professionally as possible should be your primary objective. The roof on your home is one of the most critical parts of its construction; it protects everything under it, which is the rest of your home. The roof is continuously subjected to all forms of weather, including wind, rain, harsh sunlight and seasonal temperature fluctuations. If your roofing contractor has advised you that you need a roof replacement, you can and probably should get a second opinion unless the need for a new roof is evident to you.

How Can Homeowners Reduce the Cost of a Roof Replacement?

If your roof has recently received storm damage to a specific area but is otherwise in relatively good condition, you may be able to preserve its integrity by having a partial replacement performed. This option is typically not ideal for roofs with asphalt shingles that are more than a few years old. The new shingles will likely not match the faded color of the older shingles. Furthermore, if you have your roof replaced piecemeal, the total costs will virtually always exceed the cost of having all areas of the roof replaced at the same time.

New shingles and certain metal roofs can sometimes be placed over the existing shingles, temporarily eliminating the cost of removing them. However, this is usually not advisable and is typically limited to roofs having only a single layer of existing shingles. You are only deferring the cost; removing two layers of shingles during the next roof replacement will be reflected in the overall cost of your future roof. Furthermore, some manufacturers will not honor their material warranty unless the existing roof is removed.

Eradicating the shingles and underlayment allows a roofer to perform a detailed examination of the decking. It is common for an Austin roofer to find decking panels that are cracked or rotted. Applying new roofing materials over damaged decking will compromise the integrity of your roof, making it more likely that you will need an emergency roof repair to deal with water that is leaking in the interior of your home. A new roof should last for many years, but the underlying structure will play an essential part in its longevity.

Why Should Roof Replacement Austin Customers Consider Lifetime Costs?

Although there are many ways to save money, cutting corners on a roof replacement is not a great idea. You need to consider what your new roof will cost you over its entire life. The money you save on an initial installation by choosing inferior materials or a fly-by-night contractor can be quickly offset by your need for other roof services, including an emergency repair or the need to have a new roof installed long before it should have been necessary. Therefore, it is crucial to select a reputable roof company that will stand behind its work. Choose a licensed Austin roofer who explains your options without resorting to industry jargon, furnishes you with a detailed quote, and gives you a written copy of all quotes, warranties, and contracts.

When You Need an Exemplary Austin Roofing Company, You Can Count on Alpha

Alpha Roofing is a roofing contractor that has an impeccable reputation for delivering extraordinary customer service and exemplary results at competitive prices. We do not use high-pressure tactics, and we will explain all options as well as the reasons for our recommendations. Our roof services include the installation of asphalt shingles, skylights, flashing, and metal roofing systems. We also offer roof inspections, emergency roof repair, preventive maintenance plans, and siding installation. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote if you will submit the request form online or call 512-777-1086.