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What Should I Do When My Roof Is Being Repaired or Replaced?

You have carefully selected a roofing contractor, chosen the materials you want, signed a contract to have a new roof installed or your existing one repaired, and been advised by your contractor of the date that the work is scheduled to begin. The hard part is behind you. However, you may now be wondering what you should do while the contractor’s crew is performing the actual work. Fortunately, there is not much that you will need to do.

What Should Homeowners Do Before and During a Roof Repair or Replacement?

Whether the work you need is an insurance restoration to repair damage from a storm or a complete replacement of a roof that has reached the end of its useful life, you need to be prepared for the work. The following information can be helpful when planning for the arrival of the roofing crew and ensuring that the work goes smoothly.

1. Decide whether you want to be home while the roofer’s crew is working. Between workers walking on your roof, the sound of your old shingles were removed and tossed into a dumpster, and the hammering required to secure decking or shingles, things can get a bit noisy. Since most roofing companies in Texas try to schedule all work between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays to make sure that they do not violate local noise ordinances, people who work outside of the home may be gone for most of the time that the roofer’s crew is working. However, if you work from home, the noise might be distracting or annoying. Therefore, although it is not necessary, you might want to arrange to spend your days elsewhere while the work is underway. You can ask your contractor how long the work is expected to take, but a typical Austin roof replacement can usually be completed in about three days, and many roof repairs can be completed in a single day.
2. The work on your roof can cause vibrations to spread throughout your home. If you have fragile or valuable items hanging on your walls or perched near the edges of shelves, you might want to relocate them temporarily. If you plan to leave your vehicles in your garage, you might want to make sure that there are no tools or other items that could fall on your cars. Since it may not be possible for you to move your vehicles once work is underway, you may want to park your cars on the street across from your home.
3. If you have furniture or planters on your deck or patio, you might want to move them or cover them. Reputable roofers go to great lengths to protect your property, but debris can fall and damage outdoor items. If you have shrubs or other plantings next to your home that you have a particular desire to protect, you might want to use a tarp or other type of cover to shield them.
4. The roofer’s crew may need to have access to all exterior parts of your property. If you have locks on your gates, you may need to provide your contractor with the keys or remove the locks every morning for the duration of the job.
5. Whether you will be at work or home while the work is being performed, you will need a plan to secure your pets. Keep in mind that workers may be going in and out of your backyard, so you want to make sure that your pets do not wander off while the gate is open. You may have dogs that do not react well to having strangers invade their territory, or you may have dogs that never met a stranger and will think that the roofer’s crew members are there to play with them. Either scenario could potentially pose a hazard to both the worker and the dog. If you have indoor pets that become anxious or distressed when subjected to noise, you might want to consider asking a friend or neighbor to board your pets while the work is performed.
6. If you have children who will be at home during the work, take time to prepare them. Let them know that workers will be arriving to fix the roof. Stress that they must remain indoors while the work is underway; debris will be falling from potentially all sides of your roof, workers will be going up and down ladders, and there will be tools and equipment present that could be dangerous in young hands. It simply is not safe for your children or your contractor’s workers to have youngsters playing in the yard during a roofing job.

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