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Commercial Roofing: Roof Failure | Austin, TX

Commercial Roofing: Roof Failure | Austin, TX, austin commercial roofing When you have a new commercial roof installed, you naturally expect it to last for years. You know that there will be some repairs required as it ages, and you know that your roof will eventually fail. What you do not expect is for a just-installed roof to fail. You also do not expect that you will be faced with a seemingly endless stream of repair bills. If you would like to get the most return for your significant investment in a commercial roof, the following tips can help.

Commercial Roofing: Roof Failure | Austin, TX

Choose a Qualified Contractor

A commercial roofing contractors materials are only as good as the contractor’s expertise. A commercial roof requires different skills and equipment to install it properly than the skills and equipment needed to install asphalt shingles. Poor workmanship is the leading cause of a new roof failure. Poor installation can include:

• Failure to clean, dry and prime the area before installing materials
• Failure to handle the materials properly
• Failure to attach flashing correctly
• Failure to install sufficient base sheet fasteners
• Failure to seal seams properly

Keep Untrained Workers From Walking on the Roof

Many commercial roofs have been severely damaged by well-meaning employees or by vendors who install or service equipment installed on the roof. Make sure that you determine whether the individual knows how to avoid damaging the roofing materials before you grant him or her access.

Correct Issues With Ponding Water Quickly

Allowing pools of water to remain on your flat roof is inviting problems. Determine whether the ponding can be attributed to your HVAC system, an insufficient number of drains, clogged rain gutters or an incorrect roof grade. After a rain, water puddles should evaporate within 48 hours. If they do not, call a reputable contractor to correct the problem. Otherwise, prepare to have leaks develop.

Never Ignore Leaks

If you notice that water is leaking inside your building, call a reliable contractor to identify the source of the leak and repair it. Leaks can develop for many reasons, and not all of them indicate a roof failure. For example, leaks can develop at flashings or open seams, or they can develop if a moisture barrier was not installed beneath wall copings and edge metal.

Never Attempt to Make Repairs With the Wrong Materials

You would not use caulking to repair a crack in the tray of your DVD player or use a meat cleaver to chop down a large oak. Using the wrong materials or tools to repair a commercial roof can cause permanent damage. Repairing a commercial roof is a job for an experienced contractor if you want to have your roof last as long as possible.

Have Your Roof Inspected Periodically

At least once a year, have a thorough roof inspection performed. You should also have your roof inspected after a severe weather event. A roof inspection allows you to find any problems before they can escalate. For example, an inspection might find that your rain gutters are clogged with leaves, which can prevent water from flowing freely from your roof.

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