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Roof Replacement | Questions You Need to Know

Sooner or later, every roof will need to be replaced. Age, hail damage, overhanging tree limbs, high winds and even animals can make a roof aesthetically unappealing and interfere with the roof’s ability to remain watertight. Professional, reputable roofing contractors can guide you through the process of selecting your roofing materials and scheduling your work, but there are a few things that they would like you to know.

Roof Replacement | Questions You Need to Know

Most of the responsibility for your new roof falls on your roofing contractor, but there are certain actions that you can take to help ensure the work goes smoothly.

• When the contractor’s crew is walking on your roof to remove the old materials and apply the new ones, it may cause vibrations that affect the interior space. Fragile objects on your shelves or walls could fall, so you might consider removing delicate, valuable or sentimental items for the duration of your roofing project.
• Ceiling fans, chandeliers and other hanging objects mounted to the ceiling could sway and cause cracks to develop around them. If possible, take these items down until your new roof is completed.
• Turn off your sprinkler system at least 24 hours before work is scheduled to begin. Crew members walking on soft ground could damage your lawn.
• Tree limbs that overhang your roof should be trimmed to provide workers with clear access to all parts of your roof. If you are unable to prune your trees, ask your contractor if his crew can handle the task for you.
• The contractor’s crew will have an easier time cleaning up after themselves if you mow a day or two prior to the installation. A nail dropped in tall grass can be difficult to find even with a magnet.
• In all likelihood, dust will fall on items stored in your attic. If you have items that could be damaged by dust or that are quite fragile, remove them before installation starts.
• It is always a good idea to let your neighbors know that you will be having your roof replaced. There is no way to replace a roof without generating a certain amount of noise. If your neighbors know about the work in advance, they can park their cars away from the job site, plan an outing or modify their schedule to miss as much of the commotion as possible.
• Your pets may not welcome strangers and noise. If you have an anxious or aggressive dog, you might want to ask a friend, relative or your veterinarian to board your pet while your roof is being installed.

Roofing Companies Want Homeowners to Think About Safety Issues

Although you might think that only roof contractors and their workers are at risk, there are also risks to your family that you should consider.

• The dust generated during the roofing process could pose a hazard to family members with asthma, severe allergies or other respiratory conditions. If you have reason to be concerned, make plans to remove them from the home during work hours.
• Children are curious, and the variety of materials, equipment and tools present on the site can attract them. Make sure that children are properly supervised so that they do not try to climb a ladder, play with metal flashing or hammer nails into your window frame.
• Regardless of how careful the contractor’s crew might be, there is always a possibility for an exhaust vent to be dislodged. If this happens, a carbon monoxide leak could develop. Safety experts recommend that all homes have operational carbon monoxide detectors. During the course of the work, it would also be a good idea for you to visually inspect your exhaust vents.

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