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What Causes Most Commercial Roofing Problems?

What Causes Most Commercial Roofing Problems?, commercial roofing austin txLike the roof covering your home, your commercial roof is supposed to protect your building’s interior, structural components, and contents from potentially damaging exterior forces. When commercial roofs fail, they typically provide warnings in the form of stains on your ceilings and walls, puddles on your floor or even drops of water falling on your desk. You may find exposed areas of mold or mildew, or you may notice a musty smell if the mold is concealed from view. If you see signs that your roof is damaged, you may be wondering about what caused the problem.

What Is Happening?

Commercial roofs are not identical. For example, the roof coverings, maintenance, weather damage, foot traffic, and roof-mounted equipment can vary. However, the following list covers some common causes of problems with commercial roofs.

• Age: For commercial roofing, Austin TX contractors typically estimate a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. If your roof is at or near the end of its life, the problem may be that your roof is worn out.
• Installation: Many issues with commercial roofs are the result of a poor installation. If you hire a roofing company lacking the training, skills, and equipment to install your roof correctly, it would not be surprising for the roof to experience billowing, open seams and blow-offs within a year or two.
• Flashing: Flashing is designed to form a seal around any roof penetrations. If flashing is not installed, installed incorrectly or damaged, water penetration can occur. The water can reach the interior, but it can also flow under your roofing materials and damage them.
• Workers: Whether they are your employees or the employees of a company you hire to service the equipment mounted on your roof, every worker accessing your roof should know how to walk on it without damaging it. Restrict roof access to just those people who have a valid reason for going onto your roof. Never allow workers to drag heavy equipment across your roof. Inspect your roof for damage before and after technicians have serviced your rooftop equipment.
• Maintenance: Do-it-yourself maintenance can sometimes be worse than no upkeep. However, all commercial roofs can benefit from professional maintenance. Most companies that offer roof services for commercial buildings are willing to inspect and maintain your roof. Repairing a minor issue quickly can help you avoid a major repair later.
• Drainage: Improper drainage can allow water to collect on your roof. Puddles of water should evaporate within 24 hours of the last precipitation. Gutters and downspouts must remain clear; if they become clogged, the water can flow underneath your roof covering, causing potentially severe damage and resulting in internal leaks.
• Debris: Whether the debris consists of leaves or trash, it should be carefully and routinely removed. Debris can trap moisture next to the surface of your roof or clog your gutters.

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