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How Can I Extend the Life of My Roof? | Austin, TX

How Can I Extend the Life of My Roof? | Austin, TXIf you have ever seen a dilapidated old building, you may have wondered how it got that way. Most often, the problem began with the roof. Once a roof fails, everything beneath it will suffer. The problem may have started as a small leak that could have been easily repaired. However, if a professional roof repair contractor was not hired to fix that leak, it grew. The decking materials experienced water damage, moisture entered the attic, and mold, mildew, and rot began. The water progressed to the interior, and water damaged the ceilings and walls. The wall studs and floors were next, followed by the foundation. The rotting wood structure that held up the roof collapsed, and it was all because of one small leak that grew.

It does not always take a long time for a small problem to develop into a significant repair. Roof replacement can be inconvenient and expensive. Proper roof repair performed quickly and professionally by a knowledgeable and experienced roof repair contractor will ensure the integrity and longevity of your roof.

How Much Does the Quality of the Initial Installation Affect the Longevity of a Roof?

The quality of the original construction of the roof will determine its integrity. Low-quality materials and incorrect construction techniques will result in an inferior roof structure that will develop problems prematurely. Licensed roofing companies are held to higher standards than an unlicensed Austin Texas roofer. An unlicensed roofer may not guarantee their work or even still be in business once problems appear. Licensed roofing companies regularly work closely with manufacturers of superior roofing products, and these manufacturers may only honor warranties if the licensed contractor has been properly trained to install their products.

How Important Are Professional Roof Inspections?

An annual inspection by a professional roof contractor can identify little issues that could pose significant problems later. However, Austin residential roofing is subjected to some harsh conditions, so a complete roof inspection is particularly important when severe weather has recently occurred. Most professional roofers offer free inspections. Economical preventive maintenance programs can also be purchased that include scheduled roof inspections and more, including minor repairs. Minor problems can be repaired quicker and easier when caught early.

Choose a reputable roof contractor with verifiable past work references. Check with neighbors to find out who they have used in the past and whether they are still happy with the work that was performed. Any previous repair should have been performed the first time correctly. Multiple callouts are a bad sign and could indicate inexperience, negligence, or incompetence. Check your local Better Business Bureau for any negative reports on any companies you are considering.

Are You Proactive About Your Roof?

Securing the services of a professional roofer to ensure the integrity of your roof is vitally important actively. However, you should also be proactive and keep a close eye on your roof between regular inspections. Damage to a roof can occur at any time, and normal wear and tear can make an older roof more susceptible to damage.

Never access the roof yourself. A professional roofer should be the only one who ever walks on your roof. Professional roofers have the proper safety equipment and training to ensure that your roof is not damaged during an inspection or repair. They will also make sure that the work is performed safely to avoid injuries to their personnel.

Your inspections should be performed from the ground level. Use a pair of binoculars while you walk around your home and view the condition of the shingles or other roof covering. Check the gutters for damaged or missing pieces. Look for damaged trim and flashing. Report any concerns to your roof contractor for immediate attention.

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