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Questions To Ask Your Insulation Contractor | Alpha Roofing

Questions To Ask Your Insulation Contractor | Alpha Roofing, roofing austin txVirtually all homeowners have heard that adequate insulation can have a dramatic impact on the cost of heating and cooling their homes. Rising energy costs have spurred many homeowners to become amateur attic insulators in the mistaken belief that insulating a home is a simple and straightforward job. However, the proper selection and installation of attic and roof insulation are much more complicated than most people believe. If you want the best results, you should engage a reputable roofing company with employees who are experienced, well-trained attic insulators. This makes your choice of the contractor who will install your attic insulation a critical decision. Before you sign a contract for the work, here are some questions to ask potential contractors.

Questions To Ask Your Insulation Contractor | Alpha Roofing

• What types of insulation do you install? The most popular types of insulation are blown-in insulation, fiberglass batts, and foam insulation. Every model has advantages and disadvantages. If a contractor cannot explain the differences or offers only one type or brand of insulation, you might want to continue your search.
• What types of insurance do you carry? An insulation and roofing company should at least carry workers’ compensation covering every employee who will be on your property and general liability policy. These policies protect you from financial losses should one of the contractor’s employees suffer an on-the-job injury or damage your property. Good contractors understand that when it comes to siding, insulation and roofing homeowners want to know that they will be protected from lawsuits and costly damages.
• Do you have a list of customers I can contact? Online reviews can be helpful, but speaking to a former customer can give you additional insights into the way the contractor treats customers and manages his business. The personal contact also gives you the opportunity to ask about the quality of the contractor’s work and his ability to complete work on schedule and without cost overruns.
• Can you explain the warranties? Manufacturers of insulation products offer warranties that cover defects in the manufacturing process. These warranties do not cover the contractor’s work. However, credible contractors will usually guarantee their workmanship for at least one year. Furthermore, they will be able to explain both warranties in unambiguous terms and without resorting to industry jargon, allowing you to understand what the warranties do and do not cover.
• Do you provide written, itemized quotes and contracts? Reputable roof contractors have no objection to giving customers written commitments. They also do not object to including the brand and quantity of the materials used or separating labor and material costs.
• How much experience do you and your employees have in installing the type of insulation you will use for my project? As a general rule, more experience is better, but it is also important that it is relevant experience. For example, a contractor with 11 years of experience installing blown-in insulation in walls and no experience installing roof insulation may not be your ideal candidate.

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