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HardieWrap™ Weather Barrier: An Austin Standard

HardieWrap™ Weather Barrier: An Austin Standard, austin residential roofing James Hardie Building Products revolutionized the siding industry with the introduction of HardiePlank, a fiber cement siding that provides superior resistance to fire and insects. The texture of HardiePlank closely mimics traditional wood siding, and the product is available in a wide range of colors or primed so that homeowners can paint it to match or contrast with the rest of the exterior. Due to its strength, durability and classic appearance, HardiePlank has become the most popular siding brand in the United States. As the first line of defense against the weather, HardiePlank offers superior protection, but combining it with HardieWrap weather barrier maximizes the protection.

What Is HardieWrap?

HardieWrap is a non-perforated, non-woven polyolefin barrier that is applied under the siding. It is a breathable, water-resistant barrier that helps prevent rain from penetrating beneath the exterior siding while simultaneously helping the interior exhaust moisture in the air. In addition, HardieWrap can boost the efficiency of wall insulation without requiring an upgrade to the insulation.

What Are the Benefits of HardieWrap?

As much as 3 gallons of condensation can be produced inside an average home every day. When condensation becomes trapped within the wall, it can cause mold and mildew, accelerate the deterioration of wall supports and damage the insulation. By helping to eliminate internal condensation, HardieWrap can save you the expense of costly repairs in the future.

Rain, especially if it falls on a very windy day, can find its way behind your siding. Once water has penetrated behind the siding, any organic materials used in the home’s construction can begin to rot. Eventually, the moisture will reach the interior, resulting in damage to your drywall, flooring or trim. Moisture also increases the likelihood of potentially toxic mold or mildew growing throughout the building. HardieWrap helps prevent rain from penetrating the structure’s exterior cladding.

Most homeowners in Central Texas spend more to cool their homes than to heat them. Preventing heat from penetrating to interior spaces can result in lower energy bills and a more comfortable environment. HardieWrap has a surface that reflects heat to help keep the interior cooler.

Choose the Entire HardieWrap Weather Barrier System

HardieWrap requires the expertise of a contractor who understands the entire HardieWrap solution. For example, the barrier must be applied precisely around windows, doors and other junctions. Fasteners must not be spaced more than 18 inches apart horizontally or vertically. Manufacturer-approved flashing and seam tape must be used to achieve the best results. Special care must be given when applying flashing around windows with circular tops. The weather barrier must be flat and taut with an overlap of at least 6 inches. In short, there are many details that the contractor must address, so if the contractor lacks the knowledge or skills to install the system correctly, the weather barrier could fail to perform as expected.

Who to Call in Austin, TX?

Alpha Roofing is a leading Austin residential roofing contractor serving customers in Austin and most other locations in Central Texas. We have the expertise to install your HardieWrap solution as well as your siding. Our other services include roof replacement, installation and repair of metal roofing systems, asphalt shingles and flat roofing systems as well as roof inspections, moss removal, chimney repairs, and skylight installation. Our crews provide quality results and outstanding customer service at reasonable rates. To request a free estimate, call (512) 777-1086 or fill out the online quote request.