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Flat Commercial Roofs Leaks

Flat Commercial Roofs Leaks, austin roofing contractor Austin, TX, roof leak repair AustinIf you own or manage a commercial building, Flat Commercial Roofs Leaks is one responsibility that you cannot afford to neglect. Flat roofs are more prone to leaks than the peaked roofs commonly found on homes. Although there are some signs of a leaking roof that would be hard to miss, there are a number of warning signs that are far less obvious. Here are some tips on how you can ensure that your roof has the ability to protect what lies beneath it.

How To Start

Have Regular Roof Inspections

The best protection is to hire a trained roof leak repair professional to inspect your roof. You or your contractor should inspect your roof every six months as well as after an unusually heavy rain has fallen.

Look for Signs of Damage

When inspecting your roof, there are three things in particular that you should look for.

• Torn or cracked roofing material can allow water to enter, leading to leaks as well as other damage that can be costly to repair. Cracks are often caused by exposure to UV rays that can dry out the roofing materials. Tears can result from inexperienced personnel or repairmen walking on the roof, so you should never allow anyone on your roof unless you are confident that he or she knows how to avoid damaging it. Never drag heavy objects across a flat roof.
• Bubbles or blisters on the roof normally indicate moisture trapped beneath the surface that has caused the insulation to swell. This problem should be fixed quickly to avoid additional damage, and if cold weather or heavy rains will be arriving soon, it is even more urgent to take care of the problem immediately.
• Missing or damaged flashing is responsible for approximately 90 percent of all roof leaks. Flashing refers to the metal strips running along the edges of your roof. Flashing keeps out water and debris while holding the materials in the proper position. If the flashing is missing, rusted, cracked or bent, water will have easy access to the interior of your building.

Other Things to Look For

If possible, inspect your roof 24 hours after a heavy rain has fallen. Look for standing water, which can indicate a drainage problem that increases your risk of a leak developing. Check for nails protruding through the membrane; they can rust and allow water to penetrate. Press on seams to see if water is forced out from underneath the membrane, indicating a failed seam.

When to Call a Reputable Roofing Company

There are times when professional assistance is needed to repair or maintain your flat roof. A professional roof inspection can help you avoid additional damage and catch small problems before they become major issues. It is also a good idea to call a professional if your flashing is damaged or missing. If you have a drainage problem, an experienced roofer can offer solutions. You should also ask a reputable roofing contractor to advise whether it is better to replace an aging roof or repair torn membranes and failed seams.

Who to Call

In Austin and Central Texas, the best roof contractor to call is Alpha Roofing Industries. We have a great deal of experience with flat roofs, flashing and gutters for commercial buildings. We also install metal roofing systems, asphalt shingles, roof replacement in Austin, and offer many other services. We are committed to outstanding customer service and exceptional workmanship at competitive rates. If you would like to receive a free estimate, complete the online form or call (512) 777-1086.