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Why You Find Granules in Your Gutters

Why You Find Granules in Your Gutters, emergency roof repair, commercial roofing, roofing contractor, Asphalt shingles rely on granules to shield the core of the shingles from the elements. Granules help the shingles shed water, and they protect the core of the shingle from the damaging effects of sunlight. There are several reasons for the appearance of granules in your gutters, on the ground or in your downspouts.

Wait… Your Shingles Are New?

If you just had new shingles installed, you can expect to find granules in your gutters. During the installation process, some granule loss is inevitable. The number of granules lost should lessen with every rain.

Your Shingles Are Defective

If your shingles are relatively new but degranulation worsens or is extremely severe, you may have grounds to file a warranty claim for a defective product. Degranulation due to defective manufacturing typically results in bald spots that expose the substrate. If all of the shingles in a particular area display bald patches, they are likely from the same pallet, so the pattern will probably be somewhat uniform. Shingles with manufacturing defects may also display other symptoms, including tearing or splitting.

Your Shingles Have Suffered Hail Damage

When hail strikes asphalt shingles, it may knock off some of the granules. If the hail damage is sufficiently large, it may also crack the shingles or leave pits. Depending on the severity and area of damage, the life of your roof may be reduced significantly.

Degranulation Is Caused by Normal Aging

Granule loss can occur due to normal age and wear. Although you find granules in your gutter, you should not be able to detect significant bald patches or other signs of damage.

Your Shingles Are Worn Out

If your shingles are nearing or past the end of their expected life, you may find a lot of granules in your gutters. You will probably be able to see large bald patches or areas where the black substrate is exposed. It is quite possible that these shingles are already leaking as they have become more porous because of the granule loss.

Your Shingles Have Been Damaged by Something Other than Hail

Bald spots can also be the result of someone walking on the roof or tree limbs scraping against the shingles. Foot traffic may also crack or break the shingles, especially at their corners.

Your Shingles Were Stored Improperly

Because slight variations in color can exist in shingles from different production runs, professional roofers choose shingles from the same runs. If the pattern of granule loss varies, the issue is probably due to improper storage of the shingles prior to installation.

Let Alpha Roofing Help

Alpha Roofing Industries is a roofing contractor that can help you determine why your asphalt shingles have lost their granules. We have been installing asphalt shingles for more than 30 years, so we are very familiar with the reasons for degranulation. We offer a wide variety of services for commercial roofing and residential roofing throughout much of Central Texas. Whether you need emergency roof repair or roof replacement, we can help. We also install metal roofs and siding as well as and skylights. For a free quote, use the online form to send us your information or call 512-777-1086.